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My long days of silence doesn't meant forgetfulness nor negligence. It was just a pause due to what happened in my country. My concerned was well devastating, knowing that my eldest sister live in Tacloban City just beside San Juanico bridge near Leyte Bay where the typhoons favorite routes.

Today, me and my siblings and the whole family are relieved when we know that no one was harmed. Although they are devastated and so much exhausted of the nightmare they experienced. Thanks to the good foundation of their houses. Thanks to my nephews and nieces who supported to built a good habitat, that saved everyone's live. The roof of their houses and their belongings were gone. But they all thankful enough to survive.

Thank you dear Lord, you heard my/our prayers. Thank you America and all countries of the world for the never ending support and the concern to the Filipino people. God will always be with you. 

Anyway, as mentioned, I am happy enough to celebrate my simple Thanksgiving table...
Last summer, a mother Bambi delivered a baby in our backyard... my inspiration, a blessing...
Looks Fall? Yes! Sweden is still in Fall mood. Awesome---
I couldn't get my eyes away from Fall... love it!
All we NEED is LOVE...

Thankful to the graces...

Have a nice week ahead, dear blogiefriends...

I will be linking with the party hostesses when they are up and going...

Ladies, not quite sure what logo to link on...

12 kommentarer:

  1. Truly a lot to celebrate about dear, so glad your family is safe too! Love your setting as always!

  2. Det var skönt och höra att alla klarade sig, tur att
    dom bodde i stadiga hus. Jättevacker dukning, det kan
    du behöva efter all denna oro. Gillar dina små bambisar.
    Stor kram

  3. Oh I am so glad you and all of your family are all safe, such a Blessing. Your table scape is stunning. I love, love, love that fruit centerpiece, it is so pretty. Wow a baby born in the backyard. That is a Blessing too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. You are blessed in many ways. Your family is safe and that is of the most importance, Your home and your family are blessings, your talent is a great blessing, knowing what matters is a blessing too. Your tablescape is lovely, the combination of the elegance of your color choices, the beautiful centerpiece, and the charming touch the dear add, they all come together to make a beautiful statement.


  5. Oh I sent so many prayers for your Philippino people and family. I am so happy your family is safe, material things can be built again, but lives lost, NEVER! Your tablescape is gorgeous dear Chie. I love the cute bambies and the real baby born in your yard. The plates and the centerpiece is beautiful! God bless you and your family my friend.
    Big hugs,

  6. What a terrible, terrible storm. So glad to hear that everyone survived. How awful to lose everything but lives are so much much more valuable. I am very happy for them. Our dear friend's son is there on a mission and we were glad to hear that all was well with him too.
    I can't believe that you had a baby deer born in the yard. How amazing and blessed that she chose you! The table is a perfect tribute to the baby and mommy. What a fun table.

  7. Hi lovely lady.
    So happy you and everyone did survived the terrible storm. I love seeing the baby deer in your yard so sweet and now you have two more in your family. Your Tablescape for the baby deer is Beautiful.. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new post right now I am working on my Tablescape for Thanksgiving. hope you have a wonderful week with your family.

  8. I am so glad your family is ok especially being in Tacloban. Your table is very pretty, love the warm colors....Christine

  9. Let all of your family be blessed and find their way thru the
    hard times we all are going to see across the globe. What a pretty doe both on the table and lawn.

  10. How neat to have a new baby fawn born in your backyard! Your tablescape tribute to the mother is fawn is adorable, very pretty colors.
    So thankful your family is safe! May God bless you all.


  11. You do have much to be thankful for as it must be such a relief to know that your family members are safe. So many times this week I've thought how fortunate I am not to be in harms way. Take care.

  12. What a great way of inspirational thoughts. Thank You all.


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