Halloween in Sweden...

Sweden is hanging on?

It is now funny when you see that American tradition is on the way to be practice in Europé, at least in Sweden.

For me, who used to run around for a trick & treat evening was one of the most memorable moment, this time of the year. So, here I am, standing here, get ready for a 3kgs goodies and if everything's finish? then coins and more things to offer for the kids to make them happy.

Our Halloween
Just a kg left after the boys waited for me...

Aren't they cute? Funny they are well ready to my treat and how happy they are! 
Sunny evening...
 Offering my prayers to all the Souls and Saints that I really missed a lot.
God Bless You loveones? You are Always be in my heart, forever.
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Happy Blue Monday Sally.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Så många busiga barn, roligt när dom
    kommer. Här blev det en lugn helg, bara
    vi och sonen med sambo. Och några kom och
    ringde på här också och fick godis.

  2. You were well prepared - here Halloween is not that big but I've seen a couple of scary aliens around :)
    More peaceful week ahead! :)

  3. Great set of Halloween images.

  4. Treattttttttttttttttttt ;)
    Scary costumes.

  5. Cute kids with scary hairstyles :)


  6. Please place a link to Blue Monday on your post so that others can find us. (The Blue Monday Blue Bird has the wrong link in it.)

  7. Glad to say that you had some takers for all your lollies, we had no-one come round and now we're eating all the chocolates ourselves, it's tough but it needs to be eaten!!!
    Happy Blue Monday
    Wren x

  8. Cute way of presenting your candies!

  9. It is interesting to see Halloween popping up all over the world these days. We Americans have begun to adopt the Indian Holi practice of throwing colored powders on people at celebrations of various sorts.

  10. Halloween seems to be slowly growing in Australia. More and more there are Halloween items for sale - mainly in supermarkets. Fun costumes on the young ones.


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