A way too early...

Is it?

My family members just shoke their heads when they saw me gathering some of my Christmas pretties. "Oh NO!" my cousins aghast, LoL* I told them, I am just preparing and well prepared to what I wanted, although, this year, it will be not be like the other years.

Me & GH had decided to share and offer our Christmas food to a whole school in the rural areas in Leyte. There is a school that I wanted to share what I have coz I know of what I have is more than what I and my family needed. I am gathering school supplies and some money for the children's Christmas lunch with some gifts. In this way, I am more than blessed and hope every child who receive the blessings from my effort and a very dear heart friend's effort so the children feel that they are love, in any ways.

Just sharing a simple Swedish Table ( rendition by Me)
B4 I put the Christmas village in place, I used it in my centerpiece
Starting with the simple gadgets...
I found the salad plate in our Dollar Store

Now, I am waiting for the kiddos to come for a short chat and plans for our bonding time.

Hope you all have a great weekend and WEEK ahead.
Thank You Marty for your never ending effort to make us happy and enjoy what we are doing.
Enjoy Susan...

God Bless...

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  1. Hi and Hello there....your table is one of the cutest table.So pretty.love the bird on the nest.everything on the table looks so lovely.Hope everything fine back home.I was thinking about you when read about the devastation.I am back in blogland and have a great week ahead.love sujatha...:):)

  2. Super pretty table dear, and NO, it's not too early!

  3. Oh Chie, I love it all and I totally adore those beautiful new dishes. Gorgeous tablescape. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me and I hope you and your family have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Hugs, Marty

  4. Looks amazing, very creative and interesting :)

  5. Beautiful. It is nice to have this.

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    How sweet of you gathering school supplies and some money for the children's Christmas lunch with some gifts you will be blessed. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, and thanks so much for your sweet comments on my post. xxoo Diane

  7. Oh my pretty friend, I'm sending you my address so you can send me those plates as I have the mugs to match, lol! Your small C'mas village is adorable, such pretty pieces! I'm all decked out too and it's not early, soon it'll be over before we can really enjoy it!
    This time of year it's wonderful to do charity work of any kind...bless you my friend.
    Thanks for coming over, you made my day!

  8. Oh...come over and see some decking and the mugs that go with your plates, lol!

  9. Cute salad plates, CHie. How wonderful of you and your husband to share your food with
    Students in Leyte

  10. Yes, it is great that you share your yummy food with students from Leyte. Thank you so much sweet lady, don't worry caz I know you mean it. I did go looking at my local supermarket for the mugs, but unfortunately they are sold out...I also wanted them for you, lol! How great we have the similars and both of us from soo far away...great minds think alike, lol!
    Much blessings,


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