Summer Tidbits...

I am rewinding some of my Summer goodies...
As everyone said, Summer of 2013 is one of the best summer. It has been a wonderful weather in Sweden and of course, everybody was happy and had the best to remember and so do I. However, Mother Nature knows what she will do next, isn't she? We enjoyed to the fullest last summer, anyways and we are now heading to tackle these two upcoming seasons. Well, rest assure that I will will have a cool and fun time this time and hope you all too. 

 My bday gift from GH and the kids... what can I asked for more?
Raspberries are ready to serve their responsibility. Lemonade--- Yummm
 Filipino torta/cake and my homemade raspberry lemonade
Without berries, it is not summer ...
Jam and the lemonade was absolutely homade...

And what is summer without your family, right?
Hope you had an enjoyable time as I had. Cherish the moment to live the memories until the last breath.
Happy weekend my bloggie friends. God Bless Us All and Always keep Peace in your hearts to make a better place to live.
Linking to our 3 Marias who host the party this weekend.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Håller med, det var en riktigt bra sommar. Så fint väder
    var det ett tag sen vi hade. Hoppas nästa sommar blir lika
    varm och fin. Jättefina bilder på familj och trädgård.

  2. Yes, here too, the best summer, jihuuuhaaa!
    And the autumn hasn't been that bad either.
    Today it's been sunny in Helsinki.
    Have a good week ahead!

  3. Oh, such beautiful photos. Summer in Sweden looks so gorgeous! We had a nice summer, but the reason is funny - it rained so much. For the American south, this is a good thing. It was not as hot, as usual!!!

  4. Great photos. Everything looks so yummy. Your family pics are adorable.

  5. Looks delicious! Wonderful shadows!

  6. It does look delicious! And, you are so right! It's not summer without the berries!


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