Rewinding My Bountiful WeekEnd...

Sunny Chilly WeekEnd...

Who complain the weather of the weekend? I guess no one, at least in Stockholm county, right, folks? 

We have had a wonderful sunny Saturday and Sunday. Cousin's kiddos celebrated their birthdays, a young girl on her 18th birthday and a smart 20 yrs old  son. BURRRPPP... and  today, Sunday? my Bessy's (best friend's grandson) turn 4 yrs old. Another BIG burrrppp!!! But, me and GH knows that we could not live on diet mood, so we both had a bountiful days.

Just some Snaps here and there...
 Still so nice day...
 My weekend style for a run
 The walkway in our vicinity just 10 steps from my backyard
 Mushroom, anyone §:-) a poisonous one, so don't believe in me? LoL*
 I am falling for Fall... green, yellow, brown red, etc...
 Subtile on the top of my table early this morning... Fall-y too.
Don't you like the coaster? This will be a TS soon... so keep watching?
What a wonderful evening to end my weekend. Do you think?
Good Evening to one and all in my Blogielandia...

Am late linking with the girls but am here, anyways!
Linking to Sally's

As well as Kathryn's
I will link, when I Wake up in the morning at Marty's party...
I guess, making beautiful and pretty  doesn't mean just our homes. Do I understand it right? Pretty and Inspire, that is the question?

This week, I would love to show the Natural beauty of our Fall. I feel so calm watching the leaves changes in it's Fall colors. Falling leaves flying and touches the frozen grass, this is what I call "Life".

Happy Week, Blogielandia!!!

15 kommentarer:

  1. Läste i en tidning att hela oktober och även november
    skulle bli varmare än vanligt, det tackar vi för. Har varit
    en strålande helg, man blir pigg och glad av solen. Så fina
    promenadvägar du har nära där du bor.
    Stor kram

  2. Beautiful autumn shadows:-)

  3. Mysigt med höstlöv :) Have a lovely week, Chie! Kram från Australien♥ ~Pernilla

  4. Oh, the beautiful fall leaves!! I cannot wait, until ours start turning. So glad your week-end was nice - I spent my cleaning. No fun there! Thanks for sharing your beautiful Stockholm once, again!!

  5. I'm always thrilled when you have gorgeous weather to enjoy. You make me realize how often I take lovely days for granted. I know that you'll be preparing for your long weather soon. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  6. Gorgeous photos! Stockholm is beautiful, wonder when I could ever go there! Glad your having fun!

  7. You have beautiful weather for walking or jogging.

    I fixed your link for you and chose a picture. Thanks for playing.

    Happy Blue Monday, CC.

  8. Such lovely fall images! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Love your sunset! Looks mysterious:)

  10. Those are some very lovely photos. I so miss the autumn colors but I'm glad it's spring here in New Zealand.

  11. I can see you have the same beautiful autumn colours in Sweeden as here in Norway! Love it!

  12. Stunning Fall color images from your country, (adopted country) and what a lovely weather for going walking and jogging! We have this kind of weather mostly all year round in Cuenca-Ecuador, where I live. I love your vignette with such a cute nest with birdie too! I hope you and your lovely family are doing fine. Thanks for coming sweet friend. Hugs,

  13. Oh, I forgot to say that I love your header Chie, it's gorgeous! I also forgot to explain that my window treatments are "Hunter Douglas" shades, which I had replaced from my 'material draperies' 2 years ago; as I don't want any more dust in my house and to give it a Little bit of eclectic-modern touches and now with the European design lamps, I'm just fine! Thanks Darling. Big hugs,

  14. Wow Chie, the fall leaves are so beautiful and I love your table vignette. Your pictures are Perfect. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. I love the sunset picture. The evening sky is always so beautiful to me and you have managed to capture it perfectly. All of your pictures are lovely. Stockholm looks like Ohio in the fall. Our trees are at peak color this week. Unfortunately it is supposed to rain all day, so I will be looking your beautiful pictures today instead of taking beautiful pictures of my own!..... Candy


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