Rainy N Sunday WeekEnd...


I am enjoying and so mesmerized with our Sunny? Rainy? Cold? Warm, weather,  That is! How about yours, Ladies & Gentlemen? Fall is magical, isn't it and I am loving every moment. My fave season (apart if it does not rain a lot and not rough) §:-)

Anyways, here's my WeekEnd...
Starting in our lounge with a sunny morning... guess!
 Ohhh! what a wetty  morning! Geee---, I thought?
So, I decided to get lazy and lit candles and had a cup of tea... STRETCHH YÁll?...
Putting the tired feet of a dancer. 
Ahh!!! I need a sugar chock! My new composition of LCHF cupcakes
You need a recipe? Just tell me... It was much appreciated by our guests
Isn't it Amazing? That's D´Box. It looks like a baby dress,  LoL*
Can you see that it is a "see-through" too? Couldn't believer it?
Thank You, GH for posing. He's been working hard today.

Ah well... I am just loving the Fall season. It is just amazing after all the hardwork we have had, digging, make the backyard beautiful etc  and etc and after with just a wink of an eye , everything hibernates.

Mother Nature, I am not complaining. I am just a big "wonder:er" of your Power, "Nature rules". I am thanking you for my experience of the 4 seasons, which we Filipinos didn't have. There are so much enjoyment around it's season and every season have their own character and charm. Sometime they share us an easier life and sometimes hard times too?

So, ENJOY to the fullest, my Bloglandia... rain or shine, snow or sunny.

Have a happy SSS2 Beautiful Bloglandia...
Magical Teacher
Thanks for hosting.
Blue Monday by: Sally
Kathryn on her Pretty Monday.

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14 kommentarer:

  1. So agree, Fall is such a wonderful season to enjoy, we're lucky we get to enjoy it. Your home is really lovely dear!

  2. Your winters are far too long - and your summers wayyyyy to short. Yet we are very happy in the in-between seasons. Autumn around here has been quite nice this year, warmish temps and a lot of dun. Of course, Much colder weather is to arrive next week, yet we would happily trade cold late-October weather and place it in January, where it would be much warmer. Alas, we cannot make these choices...but enjoy the warmth for as long as we can!

  3. Det ramlade av en massa löv på väldigt kort tid nu, din
    man har krattat på bra. Igår hade vi minus på morgonen,
    men efter ett tag kändes det inte alls så kallt. Idag är det
    varmare men råkallt, sådär så man fryser värre. Har snöat
    lite här också, men det har redan tinat.

  4. This is not my season but I have to admit that this summer and autumn have been the best for a long time!
    It was a nice and sunny day here in Helsinki today!

    ps. you still have only one option for leaving comments - for those who have google accoutn - others can not leave comments....

  5. Lots of leaves to rake. Nice shadows and that pudding looks really yummy!

  6. I love da box! I almost feel like I've been there. And yes, I love fall too. Always the most incredible light and the leaves turning color. The last hurrah before winter....

  7. You had a very relaxed weekend.

  8. I live in Florida, so I don't get Fall--at least not like yours. Our Fall is 70〫 temperatures. Nice, I think. I spotted your touch of blue.

    You have pretty feet, CC.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  9. looks like a wonderful weekend. enjoy the moments to the fullest!!!

  10. You have to take the wetty mornings along with the sunny ones!

    Shadowy Garden

  11. Looks like a wonderful weekend in photos for you and dear hubby ~ great photos for HBM ~ thanks, carol ^_^

  12. Our fall here in Kansas is delightful, we went on a pontoon trip this weekend to see all the glorious leaves changing on the lakes. I do see the dress!!

  13. Happy Blue Monday, Chie! Hösten är verkligen härlig... nu går vi mot varmare tider - helt upp och ner här i Australien :D
    Kramar Pernilla

  14. I think your hubby got the short straw there...I spent all day yesterday collecting our fallen leaves so I'm an expert!
    I think I'd much rather have sat with my feet up on a rainy day with a cupcake and a cuppa ;D


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