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Showing My Respect...
Saluting to all the victims of Breast Cancer. I can't do any help, ladies but in a way. So, here I am today, honouring your battle.

Those who lost the battle, my heart beats for your families. To those who are still battling? Pls keep the patience and the belief. I will pray for you all and to all survivors, God Blesses You and shower His powerful graces.

This is for you Ladies... 
Just a very simple centerpiece, pioness, magnolia (ivy is faux)
Don't you love the etched flowers? An inheritance coffee set from MIL
She faught the illness and lost her Life at the age of 54. So Young.
Modern House, thank you for the sale. Love the flatwares
Then of course, I use my most delicate dishes... very elegant and lady like
This are my girl blings that I love to play for real... do you?
Can you see that I am so girly in heart? I love re-doing my chairs
Lil Missy's DIY doll... for the Queen of the Kitchen §:-)
The final outcome of my tablesetting. It is so simple that resemble the simpliness
of all the strong ladies, outthere. They are not wishing anything in this World without the survival and win this fight. As simple as that.

Keep an Eye of your breast. Mammography every 2 yrs is good to find this sickness earlier.
I forgot to link my post Marty...
Kathleen... I trying to hang on with you...
Linking to you Susan in the morning.

Have a great party, Pepz...

6 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow, Chie, such a gorgeous tablescape. I your gorgeous eggs and the pink. Absolutely stunning. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh my sweet friend, your table in PINK is stunning! The dishes are gorgeous, the tablecloth, the pink flatware, well, everything is wonderful! I love the pink compotes with the pretty porcelain eggs inside them, just lovely Chie! Have a rested weekend.

  3. Your table is just beautiful...thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you come back again! I know I will visit you often! I just love the beautiful eggs......
    Stay well new friend!

  4. This tablescape is so well coordinated, Chie. It looks so sweet and romantic. I love the color and I love the china. Very pretty....Christine

  5. A beautiful, delicate tablescape. I love all the colors together and the pink cover over the white tablecloth. Wherever did you find something like that? Absolutely beautiful.

  6. A lovely table. Breast cancer runs in my family and my niece is currently battling for her life. Thanks for honoring those with the disease. Thanks also for visiting my blog.


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