My Heartaches...

Another month soon to come to an End...

Days, weeks and months runs so quickly, don't you think? Too Quick to get older too, LoL*

To some, who know me since awhile, the past months was a hard time coz, I losed my dear Mum but I am standing still strongly. Thanks to the person who kept me going and keep me alive, struggling my heart to get over the pain of losing someone so dear.  In Mum's burial a friend in heart left me behind for so many reasons. However, my grief was short coz of a young and very talented radio announcer from where I came from, gave me so much energy and my life became more green:y and positive rather than digging myself in miseries. He entertained me and millions of Filipinos, with laughter and teary eyes, but 9 months was too short. His sudden death break my heart into million pieces. Heartbreak, stress and worries. After a month, another childhood friend passed away and this weekend, I found out that my college boyfriend passed away.

Isn't it so sad? Life is too short that many of us keep spoiling? I really do appreciate what "Life" means,  or is? Rain or Shine, I am up and smiling, happy in heart and contented whatever comes and goes. I seldom complain. For better or for worst, I know, I will survive, in God's will.

So, to everyone, stop the worries. Let by gones be by gones. Just be strong and keep the faith and Believe.

Opppsss... isn't it we have to entertain and Inspire Marty, today? But, Marty, don't get me wrong, what I mean, is that, I am Inspiring you and your players with my positivity and spiritually reasons. Material things will Inspire us...but don't 4get that there are more things in Life that Inspires us too, above all.

Here are some things that Inspire (at least) Me...
I gathered some nature element to bring in and I created a  simple centerpiece
  Some details
 I am just loving my color combo, the nearest I can get into Halloween things
 Gigantus salad set are just a bling for deco sake. Remember? Sweden don't celebrate
the Halloween. So, I created my own.
 Some of my simple treasure that always standing up high
Yes, details seems falling in it's places and it says: it works well
In the memory of my best friend RockieDee and Frank Veigent my college Boyfriend,
Mama Vorns and Fe Bautista (my childhood best friend).
God Bless You All and keep your Eyes on me as my Guardian angels.
I will miss you and I never stop loving you All. Till Then, my Lovelies...

Another Inspire Marty Moment...
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Thank You ladies for hosting. I am enjoying and make me keep going.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about the losses in your life lately. I think that you are right, staying positive does help. Your table is beautiful! I just love all of the wonderful colors!

  2. Lots of distance healing hugs for you ~ Life can be difficult when we lose our loved ones ~ treasure the memories ~ lovely photography ~ creativity can be very healing ~ carol, xx

  3. Oh my sweet friend. I am so sorry for your lose, specially when young people pass away, it is quite sad cause therey should still be enjoying life. These things are the hardest we must endure during our life...people we love dying, like our dearest parents. Prayers will go your way from me and many big hugs dearest Chie. To other pretty things...I love your table is lovely with the gorgeous Oriental dishes and your wonderful photography as always. Thank you for coming, I so love it when you do! Big hugs,

  4. I am so so sorry to hear of all of your losses! One is hard enough. I lost my mother almost 24 years ago when I was way too young and it is still hard.
    Your table is beautiful. That flatware is stunning - so beautiful in black.

  5. Sorry, you had to endure your mom's loss, CHie, but you are strong, you set a beautiful table with the perfect colors for Halloween. ..Christine

  6. Så sorgligt Chie, att mista en förälder är tungt.
    Och dina vänner gick bort alldeles för tidigt, men
    du är stark vännen och har din härliga familj.
    Stor kram

  7. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. It is never easy. One can never know the true pain of such a loss until they have experienced it. I am so sorry for what you are enduring at this time. I will think of you often. Your pictures inspire us to appreciate the beauty you create and will inspire you to heal from the sadness given time.


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