Bonding with the Students...

It's Sem-break!!!
Don't you love when school vacation come? Oh yeah! I still remember my high school and college days.  It really reminds me how happy and how blessed I am with my familly. I was always excited to visit the Island of Mindanao (Southern part of the Philippines) where I came from during holidays. The country living, the simplicity and the naivity, that's what I called "Life".
Now, I am in my mother's shoes. I am expecting the kids are coming home this time of the year. It is a great time having them, having fun and having them in reach. Lil Missy came home last Thursday and she had a great time with her cousins, Robin, an Engineer to-be with Nicole (they're siblings) who will be a Psychologist to-be.  

We had a great Brunch at one of a famous Stockholm's waterhole,  Bern's Hotel
My dear cous in her Asian buffét breakfast... WHILE the kids are busy---
This is their first time to try oyster. Let see what is the outcome, then? 
YeeeeeY! Looks fresh and YuuuumY, Mum? 
 Lil Missy, checked what's really special in this creature, LoL*
Counting--- 1, 2 >>> 3  
 Nicole who dislike seafood, giggled to death, while the 2 scream for SWEEEEETTTT!!!!
The girls said, "we are going to roll home, Mum/Auntie"!
What a happy bonding time... Lil Missy is going back to the Uni dorm, down South while Robin & Nicole stay home with their Mum... then Yuletide break, another family bonding time again. 
The proud Mums ...

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10 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like a fabulous time. Wonderful to have them home!

    - The Tablescaper

  2. So many beautiful, smiling photos. It's great to have a family get together like this and just enjoy the company.

  3. What a fun post. Loved the oyster experience!

  4. I've never been much of a fan of fresh oysters in the shell - odd consistency. Therefore, I do prefer these mollusks baked into a casserole instead. At least the kids tried them :). It is odd, as our kids grow and go to college, we parents seem to miss them as much, if not more than when they were little. Parenting is full of things like this - that what makes it a fun challenge...Bern's Hotel looks like a great place to party!

  5. I love seafood but oysters no thank you...I'm happy you have time to be together. Enjoy!

  6. Ostron vill jag ha vinkokta, då är det jättegott men
    lite fusk. Så roligt och ha barnen hemma, härlig
    skaldjurs brunch.

  7. How fun! That spread of sweets looks decadent! Yum!

  8. Grand fun. I love trying new things.

  9. Wonderful images of fun filled event.

  10. I meant to stop by sooner, but got involved doing a bunch of other things! What a great series of family photos of some precious time spent together. Lucky you!


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