Pink Days @ D´Box

Showing My Respect...
Saluting to all the victims of Breast Cancer. I can't do any help, ladies but in a way. So, here I am today, honouring your battle.

Those who lost the battle, my heart beats for your families. To those who are still battling? Pls keep the patience and the belief. I will pray for you all and to all survivors, God Blesses You and shower His powerful graces.

This is for you Ladies... 
Just a very simple centerpiece, pioness, magnolia (ivy is faux)
Don't you love the etched flowers? An inheritance coffee set from MIL
She faught the illness and lost her Life at the age of 54. So Young.
Modern House, thank you for the sale. Love the flatwares
Then of course, I use my most delicate dishes... very elegant and lady like
This are my girl blings that I love to play for real... do you?
Can you see that I am so girly in heart? I love re-doing my chairs
Lil Missy's DIY doll... for the Queen of the Kitchen §:-)
The final outcome of my tablesetting. It is so simple that resemble the simpliness
of all the strong ladies, outthere. They are not wishing anything in this World without the survival and win this fight. As simple as that.

Keep an Eye of your breast. Mammography every 2 yrs is good to find this sickness earlier.
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Bonding with the Students...

It's Sem-break!!!
Don't you love when school vacation come? Oh yeah! I still remember my high school and college days.  It really reminds me how happy and how blessed I am with my familly. I was always excited to visit the Island of Mindanao (Southern part of the Philippines) where I came from during holidays. The country living, the simplicity and the naivity, that's what I called "Life".
Now, I am in my mother's shoes. I am expecting the kids are coming home this time of the year. It is a great time having them, having fun and having them in reach. Lil Missy came home last Thursday and she had a great time with her cousins, Robin, an Engineer to-be with Nicole (they're siblings) who will be a Psychologist to-be.  

We had a great Brunch at one of a famous Stockholm's waterhole,  Bern's Hotel
My dear cous in her Asian buffét breakfast... WHILE the kids are busy---
This is their first time to try oyster. Let see what is the outcome, then? 
YeeeeeY! Looks fresh and YuuuumY, Mum? 
 Lil Missy, checked what's really special in this creature, LoL*
Counting--- 1, 2 >>> 3  
 Nicole who dislike seafood, giggled to death, while the 2 scream for SWEEEEETTTT!!!!
The girls said, "we are going to roll home, Mum/Auntie"!
What a happy bonding time... Lil Missy is going back to the Uni dorm, down South while Robin & Nicole stay home with their Mum... then Yuletide break, another family bonding time again. 
The proud Mums ...

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God Bless Us All.

Peace be with You...

My Heartaches...

Another month soon to come to an End...

Days, weeks and months runs so quickly, don't you think? Too Quick to get older too, LoL*

To some, who know me since awhile, the past months was a hard time coz, I losed my dear Mum but I am standing still strongly. Thanks to the person who kept me going and keep me alive, struggling my heart to get over the pain of losing someone so dear.  In Mum's burial a friend in heart left me behind for so many reasons. However, my grief was short coz of a young and very talented radio announcer from where I came from, gave me so much energy and my life became more green:y and positive rather than digging myself in miseries. He entertained me and millions of Filipinos, with laughter and teary eyes, but 9 months was too short. His sudden death break my heart into million pieces. Heartbreak, stress and worries. After a month, another childhood friend passed away and this weekend, I found out that my college boyfriend passed away.

Isn't it so sad? Life is too short that many of us keep spoiling? I really do appreciate what "Life" means,  or is? Rain or Shine, I am up and smiling, happy in heart and contented whatever comes and goes. I seldom complain. For better or for worst, I know, I will survive, in God's will.

So, to everyone, stop the worries. Let by gones be by gones. Just be strong and keep the faith and Believe.

Opppsss... isn't it we have to entertain and Inspire Marty, today? But, Marty, don't get me wrong, what I mean, is that, I am Inspiring you and your players with my positivity and spiritually reasons. Material things will Inspire us...but don't 4get that there are more things in Life that Inspires us too, above all.

Here are some things that Inspire (at least) Me...
I gathered some nature element to bring in and I created a  simple centerpiece
  Some details
 I am just loving my color combo, the nearest I can get into Halloween things
 Gigantus salad set are just a bling for deco sake. Remember? Sweden don't celebrate
the Halloween. So, I created my own.
 Some of my simple treasure that always standing up high
Yes, details seems falling in it's places and it says: it works well
In the memory of my best friend RockieDee and Frank Veigent my college Boyfriend,
Mama Vorns and Fe Bautista (my childhood best friend).
God Bless You All and keep your Eyes on me as my Guardian angels.
I will miss you and I never stop loving you All. Till Then, my Lovelies...

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Thank You ladies for hosting. I am enjoying and make me keep going.

Rainy N Sunday WeekEnd...


I am enjoying and so mesmerized with our Sunny? Rainy? Cold? Warm, weather,  That is! How about yours, Ladies & Gentlemen? Fall is magical, isn't it and I am loving every moment. My fave season (apart if it does not rain a lot and not rough) §:-)

Anyways, here's my WeekEnd...
Starting in our lounge with a sunny morning... guess!
 Ohhh! what a wetty  morning! Geee---, I thought?
So, I decided to get lazy and lit candles and had a cup of tea... STRETCHH YÁll?...
Putting the tired feet of a dancer. 
Ahh!!! I need a sugar chock! My new composition of LCHF cupcakes
You need a recipe? Just tell me... It was much appreciated by our guests
Isn't it Amazing? That's D´Box. It looks like a baby dress,  LoL*
Can you see that it is a "see-through" too? Couldn't believer it?
Thank You, GH for posing. He's been working hard today.

Ah well... I am just loving the Fall season. It is just amazing after all the hardwork we have had, digging, make the backyard beautiful etc  and etc and after with just a wink of an eye , everything hibernates.

Mother Nature, I am not complaining. I am just a big "wonder:er" of your Power, "Nature rules". I am thanking you for my experience of the 4 seasons, which we Filipinos didn't have. There are so much enjoyment around it's season and every season have their own character and charm. Sometime they share us an easier life and sometimes hard times too?

So, ENJOY to the fullest, my Bloglandia... rain or shine, snow or sunny.

Have a happy SSS2 Beautiful Bloglandia...
Magical Teacher
Thanks for hosting.
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