Stockholm In a Sunny Summer Day...

Stockholm is Beautiful...
I used to show you some bits and pieces in my hometown several times. This time, I will show you the other side of town in a very perfect sunny summer day.
Today is the day birthday of the man of D´Box and our very good friend who is working at Hilton Hotel, Stockholm invited us for a luxury breakfast. After that heavy meal, we went to the Sunday mass.
This was our way to Sta. Eugenia Catholic Church...
View from Stockholm with Love...

   That is Gröna Lund amusement park at the background
Riddaholm Church (bricks) and City Hall (middle Tower)
beside the Royal Castle, the Goal & the End line of the Contest.
This day was the World's Triathlon...
One of the participant was my colleague Maryanne (black/blue) very athletic. This is one of the street
A happy GH
And of course, the happy CC girl... after our shopping at the luxury Mall:
Hope you all have had a great weekend and if ever I won't see you until the next weekend, ENJOY the productive week ahead, k?
GOD bless Us All...
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9 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful shots of the city. Nice variety.

  2. Grattis till maken, det var en bra start på
    födelsedagen. Vackra bilder från ditt Stockholm.
    Du är bra på och komma ihåg kameran.
    Ha en skön söndag

  3. thanks for taking us along...have a great week ahead!!!

  4. Enjoyed the tour. May you have a blessed sabbath day.

  5. Masse herlige skygger her. Takk for at du deler :)

  6. So love these tours! You are really feeding my interest in Stockholm! I hope you week is going well - I am in Florida on vacation and a little late in commenting! Great photo of you!

  7. Hi CC,

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful blue skies of Stockholm. What a fantastic place to live!

    Please consider returning and leaving a comment for me.
    Happy Blue Monday!

  8. The city streets are just beautiful. The second photo with the water is breathtaking. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. Oh my goodness! Stockholm is just beautiful! Your beautiful country is definitely going on my Bucket List! Thank you for sharing such a fabulous trip with us! :)

    xoxo laurie


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