SSS after my Summer Hibernation...

Keep my Fingers X...

Yes, you hear it? I am keeping my fingers X to hang with you all my Shadow Chaser's bloggie friends. As you'd see, I was away from the SSS since 19th of July and it seems it was ages ago. I have lots of photos from our summer city tours in my archive and is ready to rock when our sunshine hide to hibernate during our Autumn and Winter time. 

So, today, I am here to share my day from work (as usual) and of course same place at home, different chores, different angles and different styles, LoL*

Starts FROM work...
This is our coffee room looked like when, I left work Friday p.m. 

While rushing home, this was the train station entrance where I live

I was happy when I saw our handyman up on the roof. Kjell, thanks for the help
Oh my! the rose is on the way to hibernate too but still showed her beauty
in the sun and wants to join my fun time...

As always, I am the QUEEN of the Kitchen and here was the dinner served for tonight.
GH gave me a 4 **** (just) but knowing he is so picky in food, I was then relieve.
Oh, btw, that was just a simple chicken skewer a´la Chie with my homemade tomato salsa.
Last but not the least, is my red currant. Harvesting time in the morning...
See the sunshine? Thank you, Mother Nature that you're still hanging with us.

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Hope to see you more around in our Blogielandia... Peace and be nice to everyone. Happy sunny Sunday on SSS2.

15 kommentarer:

  1. A huge welcome back. Good to see your photos again. A great variety in this post. Love all that glass at your work. Very stylish. But my favourite photo is the view of the tomatoes and the little chef in your kitchen. Gorgeous play of light and shadow.

  2. It is nice to see you refreshed after your holiday. Shadows are all over the place in our daily travels to and from work - the roof repairman looks happy to have his picture taken (now back to work Kjell :). As always, your immaculate kitchen is used to create wonderful foo - and that fresh Rosemary looks divine. The chicken looks great - glad you are back!

  3. Sounds lie you have been having too much fun too! I love your beautiful garden bounty and dinner looks great. It was fun to be back too!

  4. Such interesting shadow shots, especially love the lines and splashes of color in the first three.

  5. Fina bilder Chie, roligt och följa dig
    en dag i Stockholm och hemma. Alltid så
    mysigt och fint, och jag gillar din mat

  6. We've missed you...and your photos are a delight as always!!!

  7. Oh sweet Chie, I'm so happy to see your beautiful post up and going, (I've missed you tons!) with great food and beauty as always! I love that modern furniture in your office at work and you walking to catch the train home, so cute! Can't wait to see your vacation great photos too! Your Shadow shots are amazing. Have a blessed week lovely friend.
    Big hugs,

  8. What lovely shots you take. I do like that fellow on the roof with the blue, blue sky.

    I goofed up with Mr. Linky and had to TRY to correct my error. That's why we had such a clumsy start.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Thanks for the tour! It is such fun to see Sweden - I am going to get there one of these days!! Have a great week!!

  10. Always good to have a visit from you, Chie. Love the tour of your home!

  11. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your life, Chie. Your work is so modern, so Scandinavian. I love the tiles in your kitchen and your food looks so good. I would love that chat with you so c'mon over. My friends were just here last night and we chatted and sang karaoke. We have been hanging out here a lot now, They bring their food and I cook so it seems like we always have a party but we just share what we would normally eat, so instead of 1 putahe, we share 3 kinds and the company of course. Have a great week!...Christine

  12. Tomatoes garlic rosemary, who could ask for more

    Much love

  13. Wonderful shadows in your kitchen! I must also make chicken with homemade looks divine! What a wonderful post about your surroundings.

  14. Greats shots and love the blue, blue sky ~ carol, xo


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