One of the Highlights in My Summer...

As promised...

I will share some of the happenings I had this Summer... the bondings, city travels and other activities in life during Summer. It was a great FUN. Sunshine means really an easy life, specially to us Northen folks, LoL*

Last August 1, 2013 was the day to add a number of my age... §:-) and 24th of August was GH bday too. We always held our party in mid-month of August to celebrate our birthdays. It became the tradition of my family (consist of 3 ladies) and their families and just one good friend but as years goes by, our family grows bigger and that is expected. We are growing older.

Meet my dear family
Bon Aptité, folks?

LoL*** Seems my family are hungry, huh? 
 The true blooded Swedes gathered in the cubby house open porch
Of course, SNAPS is a must in this kind of gatherings. See our lil one? giggle*
Hi Mum!!! No snaps for me, k? although am 21. Thanks God! She's like me!
Meet Glyn... Cheers with my Fanta!
And here is Elma, Cheers with my Iphone, another style, huh?

Lil Lizah & Ms. Georgina... Nicole & Kryztel are out of town..
Glyn, Di, Me & Elma... Unbreakable Aces
Here's the Filipina girls... inside while the Swedes were outside.
Ate Josie is a Head of Flight Attendant at United Airlines, Vi work at Hilton Hotel.
The rest are my dear family here in Sweden.
My own made chocolate mouse with raspberry gel, cakes, cookies & more...
Guess why the ladies are here, right? *wink
Adiron chairs was my bday gift from GH & kiddos... leftovers in the party tent!
Yours Truly, a happy bday girl... thank you for the gifts, my lovelies!!!

Yeah! that's my happy day with good friends and my loving family. They always make me happy, they are there when I am sad, they are the one who I have a big discussions in whatever subjects in life but still, OUR bonds were strong, as days, months and years go by.

Hope you have some eye-view on how this 2 cultures work together, for better or for worst.
Understanding, faith, love and above is the TRUST.


It is still Tuesday, Folks? So, I am joining and linking to Sweet Lady Marty's party... I know I am always late but I am here...

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  1. We have two cultures as well. What a wonderful day you had. I'm blown away by how beautiful your feast was presented! I'm inspired! Saw you at Inspire me Tuesday!

  2. Oh how fun Chie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your hubby. Looks like such a fun party and all that fool looked amazing. I just wished I had a big plate full. lol Your family and friends all look like they are having a wonderful time. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Happy Birthday. Thanks for finding me and my blog now I have found you. I am a new follower.

  4. What a feast! Everything looks fabulous and I just adore the hats and the bibs. You had such a wonderful birthday! Hope this next year will be wonderful. I look at it this way - we are like fine wine - we get better with age right?!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness. You have the most beautiful family! Elma's smile is amazing. And the girls...I tell you, you are a blessed lady. All your pretty dishes and food set out looks marvelous. What a happy occasion. Yes, family is so so important.


  6. I´m not AnneCathren ;) But I´m happy for your family! They all are so cute!

    hug / Olg@

  7. Belated Happy birthday! You are indeed blessed to have such a beautiful and happy family who loves you! Love your awseom scrumptious spread also!

  8. Hy Dear,
    what a fun party you had. I loved to see all the photos. Your guests looked all delighted and amused. And the foos looks super yummy. Happy belated Birthday to you.
    It was so nice of you to visit my blog and to leave the sweet comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna


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