First Fall TS... and I am Just In Love...

First Fall In Love...

Yes, it is officially "Fall" in Sweden since a week now and it feels very "fall-y" feelings. Cold and freezing in the evenings as well as in the mornings. Dews,foggy and the greenies transform to it's wonderful earthy colors--- this are just "a, to name a few" of a Fall the sign. .

Hope you have a fun creating a FALL-Y gadgets in your homes...
I know and see when I am in my Bloggie Tour, today.
Here's my shots for you to share!
This set are the new members of my kitchen... 
L-M-S one of my simple collection
I found this chicken wire basket in our summer thrifting. Dried flowers makes the setting so fall-y
Don't you love the forms and the lacey pattern?
I found this flatware a set of 4 in our Dollar Store. I purchased another set with a clear color
Lacey or Lazy? My heart skipped a bit!
Shame that I only found one with this pattern
Lil Missy's Fall gift to her dear Mum... reading is a must in this cottage...
Care to join for a cuppa? It's still sunny in Stockholm, though? Hmm... it's Calorie Time, Lovelies?
See the lone Rococo chair? That's my project and finished recently. I will show you the transformation, in the next few days.

Thank you visiting and hope you'll have a Blessed day.

Linking and partying with Susan at BNOP
Sorry Susan, I am late again, but did you said, "better late than never?"

I am late at your party Kathleen but as Susan said "better late than never!"


  1. I love your dishes and the way you have accented them with your color choices. Very appealing!

  2. This is beautiful, CHie. I really really like your dishes, what a sensational color...Christine

  3. absolutely gorgeous set! Love the intricate details on all of them!

  4. Such pretty colors on your table! The wire basket is perfect for a lovely bouquet. Thank you so much for the nice compliment on my table!

  5. Stunning dishes, the color is awesome and elegant too! Like Vel says, I also love that intricate pattern in them...just gorgeous! I also love that pretty wire basket and the lovely crocheted table topper, always my very favs! Thanks for coming sweetie, so maybe I won't miss you anymore since it's almost Winter in that beautiful cold country and you will be blogging inside it a lot, lol!!! Enjoy a great weekend.

  6. Very pretty! I am missing the apples for the challenge though! :)


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