First and Last...

 Sound so Dramatic...
LoL*_* I absolutely sounded like one. But just want to say, " I guess today is the last day of setting outdoor. It is a bit too chilly outside. And of course, this is my first time to set for a very FALL-y looks, don't you think? 
Just look around and You see Me Fall... 
Wood carved box... found in a middle of nowhere while thrifting. 

Perfect for napkins or flatwares holder.. from Sumatra with Love... "Vintage! talking to me?"

As of now, I am contented as the heart of the table... rustic Fleur di Lis finial join my fun
Blissful blessings... Thank You Lord... 

Am so blessed with friends. Pu Erh tea from Singapore. Tea streamer is Sir Conran's 
The new member of D´Box from Tiger/Denmark...  

 Summer Project when GH decide to cut our pine tree infront of the cottage
It been waiting for the perfect timing to share while it dries. TY so much, dear GH...
Mixing the natural elements is a must on Fall... so much blessing and showers into Us.

Hope You All have had a wonderful weekend and a blessed week awaits Us.

I am linking to Marty's party. Join and visit all the party goers, thanks?

Soon, Susan post her meme Thursday, tomorrow, I surely link my shots!

And my new party to join is with Kathryn
Are You really a True Blue blooded? Then, look around and you see them there?

See You Everyone...

Happy Day and Enjoy the weekend ahead.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Det blev en fin ljusstake av grenen, bra idé. Och gott
    med egna plommon. Det är jättefina höstbilder du
    fotat. Och jag tycker kylan kom tidigt iår, men det kanske
    ändrar sig nu i oktober.

  2. Beautiful, I like that carved box.

  3. Chie your tablescape is gorgeous and your pictures are stunning. Love your garden. It is getting cooler there, but it is finally cooling off enough here that we can be outside. My favorite time of year. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. I really like the diverse elements that you used to create your Fall tablescape. The log candleholder is a great piece. I think that you'll use it often. Tell hubby that I said, "Great job!" The triangular wooden plates are wonderful. This is the first time that I've seen these. I think of you as the cold weather begins to settle in for the winter. Stay warm! Cherry Kay

  5. I love all the woodsy things you put together, Chie. Beautiful Fall tablescape....Christine

  6. OMG Chie, I love everything in your Fall tablescape, starting from that gorgeous teapot and mugs to match! That log for the candles is fabulous, I'm in love with it! Great job from your sweet man too, and those traingular plates are awesome! Thanks for your always sweet and kind visit. Enjoy your weekend dear Chie!


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