Fall-ing In Love...

Second weekend in a Fall Chilly Weather

Oh Yeah! Officially Fall... chilly nights and frozen mornings are just the signs to name a few and we all know that this coming 6 months--- is to fight for, weather like this.

I know, it will be a hard life when times like this, but HEY! why complain right? We are all survivors. Whatever weather come across our way, years passed, years comes, we are all here to fight to survive, so--- HERE we are! Just enjoy the best of what we have and that matters. Therefore, I am here sharing D´Box is now ready to tackle whatever happens, whatever things we come across our paths. Hope you are with me, ok?

D´BoX starts Fall Nesting:
Welcome at my Cottage... We'll start from here...
Changing the towels... Mix & matching is my cup of coffee and it  works... 
Seasalt with Mud soap is from Sommerset Toiletry Company... love it!
Olive Candle, light up up to show me the right path this coming dark months... 
  Desperated designers Always find a way to make things Beautiful, Ain't I?
  Yeah! It looks healthy coz this is what both me & GH doing... living a healthy Life
 Trying to be fit through what I am having... my breakfast this early morning
B4 I went out for a Power walk and to buy some exterior fall flowers.

That's all for today, Folks? I am still cleaning and doing some changes here and there for a more Fall-y feelings.

How about you? Are you prepared on what is waiting for us this 6 months to come? Hope you have a great and a blessed weekend with all your dearies and lovelies around.

SSS2 party goers... can you find what we are all looking for in one of  D´Box weekend routines? I guess everyone have sharp eyes. So, come  join and have fun chasing.

But, b4 I sign off.... I am joining SSS2 party with our talented hostessess:
Magical Teacher...

Linking when the ladies, link the post for today's party.
Monday Meme...


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11 kommentarer:

  1. Excellent compositions! I love those beautiful colors! Wonderful soft shadows!

  2. Such a wonderful mix of colour tones in those towels. Delightful photos.

  3. As always, your 'box' is so well appointed - the details fabulous! If we are to be inside for a lengthy period of time (such as winter), it should be as attractive as it can be, and full of interesting colors. Like the multi-color towels and the soapy candle, the style abounds very nicely :) Although the Swedish winter does seem long. At least you can handle it!

  4. Love your decorations and the pretty towels! I can see that you know just how to brighten up the darkness of the winter to come...thanks for stopping by today.

  5. Power walk - that's what I should do too!!!
    But I'm lazy and enjoying your decoration instead :)


  6. I love the healthy breakfast--brava to you! Also love the pretty towels and lovely bar of favorite soap--that makes me happy.

  7. Jag gillar inte vinter, men som du skriver, det är
    bara och bita ihop och gilla läget. Men hoppas att
    hösten blir lång och varm. Jättefina handdukar, fint
    och ha höstfärger nu.
    Snart ska jag ut i trädgården också, gräset behöver

  8. Your ver ready dear and love all the little details you added! Happy Fall!

  9. You have beautiful place very neatly arranged.

  10. You forgot to link in to Blue Monday. Please place a link to Blue Monday on your post so that others can find us. Then return to link in again with Mr. Linky. You can find the code when you click on the blue bird located in my sidebar.



  11. Thumbs up for healthy lifestyle :)


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