Changing Bling on D´Box Kitchen Topper

Atumn is here...

Yes! It is here and "She" will stay for awhile. The feelings, "Atumn or Fall" is right in my outdoor. It rained the whole day and it will be raining non-stop until Wednesday night, as forecasted.

So, what shall I do outside when nothing is left? We did stored the outdoor furniture yesterday and of course, to those who did not know, we hired a handyman, our hero Kjell to change the whole new roof (tiles) and it ready to rock and will meet the cold Autumn and Winter time. That means, our surroundings is absolutely tupsy-turvy. It is scary to see like that. But, just one day more (Tuesday) everything will be pick up and dump. Thank you, Kjell.

I will be posting this projects I have sooner or later. But as of now, I am just playing Chess in my kitchen topper... nothing special but a clean and very well arrange (at least in my eyes), I am more than happy on what I had accomplished.

Here Is Our Kitchen Topper...

This is in the left side of my kitchen top. Healthy on Fall...
Mini-sink, LoL* remember why I call this home D´Box?  

Very petité house but I assure you, that I have so much place to tuck in my dishes... 

This is just a little eye-view of how my kitchen looks like and although, as I mentioned "petité" there are potentials. Saying says: "small but terrible". In fact, I am petité as well as GH and we are the only one who's been roaming around, up and down.  So for us, there is a lots of space.

More updates on D´Box reformation soon... Hope you visit, as I visit everyone of you and never leave from your home without leaving my footprints.  Be kind to all visitors...
I will be linking to Marty soon, I wake up in the morning. It's time for me to go to bed...


Thank you for visiting me.
***CC girl*** 

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love your kitchen, so pretty and your displays are wonderful. So much great storage too. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. love your vignettes CC and your kitchen is homey and beautiful!

  3. Love you kitchen, so organized and elegant in white. Using the apothecary jars for storage is a beautiful idea.

  4. Your kitchen doesn't look small at all, CC! It's so bright and airy! Love all the white cabinets and stonework! :)

    xoxo laurie


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