First and Last...

 Sound so Dramatic...
LoL*_* I absolutely sounded like one. But just want to say, " I guess today is the last day of setting outdoor. It is a bit too chilly outside. And of course, this is my first time to set for a very FALL-y looks, don't you think? 
Just look around and You see Me Fall... 
Wood carved box... found in a middle of nowhere while thrifting. 

Perfect for napkins or flatwares holder.. from Sumatra with Love... "Vintage! talking to me?"

As of now, I am contented as the heart of the table... rustic Fleur di Lis finial join my fun
Blissful blessings... Thank You Lord... 

Am so blessed with friends. Pu Erh tea from Singapore. Tea streamer is Sir Conran's 
The new member of D´Box from Tiger/Denmark...  

 Summer Project when GH decide to cut our pine tree infront of the cottage
It been waiting for the perfect timing to share while it dries. TY so much, dear GH...
Mixing the natural elements is a must on Fall... so much blessing and showers into Us.

Hope You All have had a wonderful weekend and a blessed week awaits Us.

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Are You really a True Blue blooded? Then, look around and you see them there?

See You Everyone...

Happy Day and Enjoy the weekend ahead.

Fall-ing In Love...

Second weekend in a Fall Chilly Weather

Oh Yeah! Officially Fall... chilly nights and frozen mornings are just the signs to name a few and we all know that this coming 6 months--- is to fight for, weather like this.

I know, it will be a hard life when times like this, but HEY! why complain right? We are all survivors. Whatever weather come across our way, years passed, years comes, we are all here to fight to survive, so--- HERE we are! Just enjoy the best of what we have and that matters. Therefore, I am here sharing D´Box is now ready to tackle whatever happens, whatever things we come across our paths. Hope you are with me, ok?

D´BoX starts Fall Nesting:
Welcome at my Cottage... We'll start from here...
Changing the towels... Mix & matching is my cup of coffee and it  works... 
Seasalt with Mud soap is from Sommerset Toiletry Company... love it!
Olive Candle, light up up to show me the right path this coming dark months... 
  Desperated designers Always find a way to make things Beautiful, Ain't I?
  Yeah! It looks healthy coz this is what both me & GH doing... living a healthy Life
 Trying to be fit through what I am having... my breakfast this early morning
B4 I went out for a Power walk and to buy some exterior fall flowers.

That's all for today, Folks? I am still cleaning and doing some changes here and there for a more Fall-y feelings.

How about you? Are you prepared on what is waiting for us this 6 months to come? Hope you have a great and a blessed weekend with all your dearies and lovelies around.

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First Fall TS... and I am Just In Love...

First Fall In Love...

Yes, it is officially "Fall" in Sweden since a week now and it feels very "fall-y" feelings. Cold and freezing in the evenings as well as in the mornings. Dews,foggy and the greenies transform to it's wonderful earthy colors--- this are just "a, to name a few" of a Fall the sign. .

Hope you have a fun creating a FALL-Y gadgets in your homes...
I know and see when I am in my Bloggie Tour, today.
Here's my shots for you to share!
This set are the new members of my kitchen... 
L-M-S one of my simple collection
I found this chicken wire basket in our summer thrifting. Dried flowers makes the setting so fall-y
Don't you love the forms and the lacey pattern?
I found this flatware a set of 4 in our Dollar Store. I purchased another set with a clear color
Lacey or Lazy? My heart skipped a bit!
Shame that I only found one with this pattern
Lil Missy's Fall gift to her dear Mum... reading is a must in this cottage...
Care to join for a cuppa? It's still sunny in Stockholm, though? Hmm... it's Calorie Time, Lovelies?
See the lone Rococo chair? That's my project and finished recently. I will show you the transformation, in the next few days.

Thank you visiting and hope you'll have a Blessed day.

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I am late at your party Kathleen but as Susan said "better late than never!"

Projects are falling in it's Place at D´BoX

My Bloggie Friends...
To those who asked in mails and comments. NO, I am not quiting blogging. One or two posts a week, for me is great. I am a full career woman and blogging is only a part of my life's activity. Therefore, sometimes, if my main tasks needs my attention my blog can wait.
"Blogging is for fun" at least for me to make myself busy, mobilize and share the passion I have --- Update the cottage, cooking, my daily activities and travels are some of the highlights in my blog. 
This is my simple only family room in this cottage... built 1947
Vintage coffee table, painted Anne Sloane (imported) LoL* 
2 French chairs... dearly love them... 
The rugs is now updated too... Love... love the Chevron style 
Don't you love Howard Products? I do cherish my sofa, anyway? 
OBS! look at my Wood floor! Matches with my rug, right?
Can't ask for more for a perfect match, Heart them. 
Hightlight of the transformation is the wall art. Stockholm from 1898-1925. 

Just a set more to purchase to change my cottage table in that "end".
The Project in this area is DONE...

To find the OLD Family/Lounge, pls press HERE:::

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Changing Bling on D´Box Kitchen Topper

Atumn is here...

Yes! It is here and "She" will stay for awhile. The feelings, "Atumn or Fall" is right in my outdoor. It rained the whole day and it will be raining non-stop until Wednesday night, as forecasted.

So, what shall I do outside when nothing is left? We did stored the outdoor furniture yesterday and of course, to those who did not know, we hired a handyman, our hero Kjell to change the whole new roof (tiles) and it ready to rock and will meet the cold Autumn and Winter time. That means, our surroundings is absolutely tupsy-turvy. It is scary to see like that. But, just one day more (Tuesday) everything will be pick up and dump. Thank you, Kjell.

I will be posting this projects I have sooner or later. But as of now, I am just playing Chess in my kitchen topper... nothing special but a clean and very well arrange (at least in my eyes), I am more than happy on what I had accomplished.

Here Is Our Kitchen Topper...

This is in the left side of my kitchen top. Healthy on Fall...
Mini-sink, LoL* remember why I call this home D´Box?  

Very petité house but I assure you, that I have so much place to tuck in my dishes... 

This is just a little eye-view of how my kitchen looks like and although, as I mentioned "petité" there are potentials. Saying says: "small but terrible". In fact, I am petité as well as GH and we are the only one who's been roaming around, up and down.  So for us, there is a lots of space.

More updates on D´Box reformation soon... Hope you visit, as I visit everyone of you and never leave from your home without leaving my footprints.  Be kind to all visitors...
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Thank you for visiting me.
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