Updates after the Summer Hibernating at D´Box...

Did You Hear That?

To All my Bloggie Friends,

I'd promised to hanged on with you ladies in bloglandia, however, I couldn't make it to the max. Summer in Europe is absolutely one of the BEST summer I experienced since I moved here. It was very tempting being outside, travel, off roads, families and friends bonding. Supposedly, I have had so much to post but I choose to calm it down and enjoy the summer hot days.  That's the reason I been so quiet.

It is still so wonderful in Stockholm and around Sweden, of course the whole Europe. We are still enjoying the last best warm days left, though. 

Anyways, I am here, still here and will be here... so join me with my new updates... Yes, 
D´Box had a sort of make-up over in our mini-lounge. 

NOTHING seriously, SPECIAL...
Simple Style in a Compact Living
We had this green soffa for awhile and I realized it's ---???
And across was just, I don't even know what am doing...
The other end...

The Wall...

Then, we moved some things out, some in and we had them for 2 years, until 5 weeks ago. I celebrated my.... th Bday and GH asked if what I wished for bday gift. I don't need  things for myself and requested GH if we can make some changes in the lounge and my simple wishes came true.

Here is Outcome... Cottage-City style, My style... 

And hanged... while my French puffs standing so gently...
Stockholm vintage photos, which MIL hid for me to inherit... Love them.
I am using natural materials to fix the new look...
Don't you love the 3.5 sit Howard sofa? I do but I need some finishing touches here.

Cotton curtains must be in natural materials too...
Princess set stands at the other side while waiting for the one to fit here
What you think of the vignettes? Better than the above, right?

Some  summer details

My biggest treasures...

This was one of the reasons of my hibernation... pimping up D´Box and some travels in and outside Sweden.

Hope you All have had a great week-end and FUNTASTIC Summer...

Pls count on me now.... am still hanging with you, Ladies.

I am joining MET to start with...
Visit Susan at BNOP 

5 kommentarer:

  1. Vad fint du har pimpat, Chie!! Härligt att ni haft en underbar sommar :) Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  2. So happy to see you back and you have been busy!! Love those vintage photos and the sofa. Everything just looks so fresh and you must post pictures of some of your travels!!

  3. Så fina nya möbler, jättefin soffa och
    kuddar. Och tavelväggen med gamla foton
    från Stockholm blev superbra.
    Roligt att du är tillbaka efter semestern.

  4. Everything is so pretty and sounds like you had a fabulous summer. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  5. It is good to know that I wasn't the only one that could barely get around blogland this summer. I tried to keep one thing a week, but visiting was just too hard running from one place to the other. I need a break so this is great to be back!

    What a lovely transformation. Everything is perfect. I love the sofa pours and chairs but I also adore the little tables in front of the sofa. Your framed prints are fabulous too. But the best is the two of you enjoying it all! What relaxing beautiful colors and textures.


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