Tea Party and So in the Garden.

HAPPY 4TH of July my Americans Friends.
Peace to All & GB America...
I was happy to find the Converse in our local store and I never even asked the shoe store if I can take a picture... SNAPPED!!! The nearest I can do to honour you All my American bloggie friends.

After a week in a rainy Prague, we came home Friday and welcome by a beautiful sunny day. Thereafter, more sunshine and with a moderate warmth. Perfect for us Northerners.

My cousins and their families were off the go too. One is leaving for an off road trip out in Sweden neighboring countries, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Paris, etc etc and back after 3 weeks. Europe is beautiful this time of the year. So, cousin and her hubby came over for coffee and of course our nearest neighbors. 


 Starting with the sheer/silky tablecloth. I love the pattern.
 Can you see the dinner plate as a charger this time? LoL*
The everyday flatwares and of course cotton tablenapkins...
Wrought iron cloché came to rescue my centerpiece

Newly found footed bowls, for whatever you like to use, ice cream etc 

Some beautiful pieces (at least to my eyes). See that glasses with cover?
Useful during summer specially when kids are around. Keeping insects away. 

GH and Lil Missy asked if they squat. I said, "grabbed the picnic mat"!
As you can see, sun is really shining to it's full as well as my treasures.
Those are Italian items, tray, coasters and the like are from Sorrento, Italy

Our Tea Table. I used my lacey porcelain set. I forgot that I have them.
 Our green backyard and that is our cubby house, that need my TLC, §:-)
 Isn't it magical when life is too easy?
My heart and my sunshine enjoying the sun. She read so much and he drink a lot!

Hope you All, enjoying my backyard and wishes that this summer will get warmer as days go by. I really needed a true wish to Mother Nature that no rain on my birthday so, my best friends at work can come over to enjoy.


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11 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my goodness, you do have so many fabulous tablescapes and settings. I love the pretty pink, stunning. Your yard looks so pretty. It's so hot here it's hard to get anything to grow and keeping my lawn green is a real challenge. Yours is so lush. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me and Happy Birthday!!!!. Hugs marty

  2. Very interesting these photos with excellent light and shadow!

  3. How pretty! Your setting is so pretty and I am in love with those pretty pink footed bowls!

  4. Ha, ha had to laugh at the shoes!! Your pink table is so gorgeous!! Love your pretty pictures.

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com/

  5. Such a gorgeous table setting/s! Especially love the photo of the small table dressed in white with the dark background! Lots of interesting shadow shapes there!

    Our winter so far has a little sun, but usually lots of heavy wind and rain! Great weather to be blogging in the warmth of indoors!

  6. Thank you for your comments on our July 4th - and another Happy National day to you in beautiful Sweden. Two different countries free and independent - and that is always to be celebrated!

    I really enjoy your home and yard - and especially your wonderful sense of style...the tablescapes are so nice, because you make it so nice for your guests. We are treated most specially...and it makes us feel so welcome when we visit!

  7. I would love to picnic at any table! The shadowy sunshine looks very inviting! Happy Shadow Shot Sunday2!

  8. Always a visual feast here at 'Da Box'! You have such a beautiful collection of dishes-I don't think I've seen a repeat on anything-which makes me think that you have a lot of dishes! But, such treasures! I enjoyed my 'visit'!

  9. Neatly arranged, very much inviting.

  10. Your yard and tablescapes are just lovely! What a special time it would be to gather around such beautiful settings. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Chie!!! Wow...what a really pretty setting! I LOVE that sheer floral overlay! It's gorgeous! I love pink, and I love flowers! The white table and the comfortable area on the grass are gorgeous, too! So relaxing and feminine!


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