My Day in Stockholm, Spookie City during Summer...

Hello BlogieWorld...

Many asked if I gave up blogging §:-) LoL* as I was not posting for exactly 2 weeks. Well, I let you know, folks that I was hibernating as I could not cope up the hectic days at work and when I have time, I choose the resting moment as my Insomnia strikes again.

Anyhow, I am here for good as other do. Sometimes quiet, sometimes dabbling with this and dabbling with that.

Now... I am sharing my Friday to/at work...
Starts here...
I always start my day at the Espresso House, Mango N Mint smoothie
OMG!!! the train station is absolutely empty in this 08.30 Friday a.-m.
So quiet inside the Metro/train. No hassles, no pushing... no stress..
When I stepped inside the building where I work, you find the Wellness area.
No one's there either? It is 09.00am. Usually, bunch of colleagues.
Steps from that wellness area, it's a glass door, then to the lift leading to 6th floor
My breakfast in my desk, consist of fruits, porridge, coffee and water always in handy

I have some tasks to visit the vault for some reasons. This is the long corridor.
Normally, the relax area usually busy.

SEE? All the setties area are absolutely empty. It was lunch break. Not even my work?
Funny indeed!
SOMMARLOV=SUMMER BREAK today's Courses or Agenda §:-)
Welcome Back on Autumn... *giggle

*** Can You See that my work have a style? Very stylish indeed!

Then, back home am trying to be a handy wife...

 Sandpaper and Oiling is the name here... hope it will be better in our kitchen counter...

Anyways, hope you have a quiet summer and hoping the summer weather will keep us to enjoy to the fullest.
Taken midnight between, July 19-20, 2013. Sunset in Midnight. Beautiful Night!

So, that's what I am doing here, when I am not at work? I am home. Summer time is bit hard as we don't have any back-up at work. As a specialist for the physical shares and converter, my tasks is vulnerable. The only bank who offer this  kind of tasks to all the clients entire Sweden. Kinda cool but complicated. 

Anyways, hope you all have a quiet summer and hoping the summer weather will stay awhile for us to ENJOY!

I am joing SSS2 after 2 weeks absence...
Now, here I come!
Blue Monday once again.
If you are a true blue chaser, you will find a touch, a dash of BLUE everywhere.


17 kommentarer:

  1. Good to see you back, Chie, and what a terrific collection of wonderful shadow shots!! These are really great! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Where is everyone??? No matter, you sure got a great set of sumptuous shadow shots today! What a feast!

  3. How does one get any work done in that beautiful office building? And the train in - did everybody go on holiday? It seems so quiet on the commute, so perhaps after the train and a good breakfast, who would not be refreshed? Lovely city, lovely home - glad you are back!

  4. What a great series of shadow shots! Glad you are back!

  5. Wow! That must have been weird to go to the train station and see it almost empty and then to go to work and find it a ghost town, too! It probably takes a lot of stress out of the day, though, and allows you to get a lot more work done! It sounds like you have a VERY intricate job!!!!!

    I love that photo of midnight!!! How cool!!!!!!! Very different!!!

    I hope you have a good weekend and that there are no stresses in it for you! Take care!!!

  6. where is all the people? Did you scare them off? Or do tehy have sommarlov. :) Nice of you to share your day. :)

  7. An interesting series of photos! Your workplace is beautifully bathed in sunlight and shadow.

  8. Det var roligt och få följa med dig till jobbet,
    ett sommartomt Stockholm på morgonen måste vara
    skönt när man måste jobba.
    Ha det gott och kramar

  9. Tack för bra svar, jag har googlat och försökt och
    läsa mig till vad som händer nu när dom släckt
    google reader. Såg att det var massiva protester
    men det brydde dom sig inte om. Du är så bra på data
    så jag har en fråga till, maken upptäckte att jag hade
    fått blåmarkerade ord i texten som döljer reklam. Och
    det är ju inte jag som lagt ut detta! Vet du hur man får bort
    Och det var generöst med mattorna, det ska jag komma ihåg.
    Stor kram till dig fina bloggvän

  10. Det konstiga är att det syns bara i makens
    dator, inte min. Tre blåmarkerade ord i dagens
    inlägg döljer reklam. Vet flera bloggare som fått
    detta men ingen vet hur vi ska bli av med det.
    Men om du inte ser några blå ord är jag glad.
    Tusen tack att du tar dig tid och kolla
    Massa kramar

  11. Thanks for the fascinating mini-tour of your city and workplace--complete with shadows of many shapes and sizes!

    Ecstatic Shadows

  12. Hej svejs Stockholm
    Nu har jag fått proffshjälp, så det är
    Ha en fin kväll vännen

  13. I imagine that the train ride is pleasant with its blue seats. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, CC!

  14. Wonderful set of images. It looks like it was a great day.

  15. Beautiful photos. Wish we have that empty train at that hour of the day coz ours is very opposite. We can even hardly get a seat at that hour. So many passengers all the time.

  16. Hahaha, Sverige på sommaren... - lugnt och skönt! Ha en trevlig helg, Chie :) Kram från Australien♥ ~Pernilla

  17. Hey lovely and pretty friend...I'm missing you!!! I love this shadow post I probably missed before. Hope you come back to blog land son. I hope all is well with you and your family.
    Big wide hug,


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