Best Memes joins on my Swedish Midsummer Day...

Midsummer, Yahoooooooo...

Yes! Today is official, Summer, at least in Sweden. D´Nics and friends came over for lunch, while my cousins are own their own this year. 

Check it OUT! This is Our Day...

  Anchovis creamy sauce for my cheese pie. If you like anchovis, this is yummy... 

 Smoked salmon platter with presentation, my art...

 This are wine bottles and I subtituted  with water when we have our lunch/dinner outdoors 

I always prepared the sheer curtains when we have outdoor gatherings
 My own pickled herrings recipe. Without herrings, summer is NOT a summer in Sweden
 Grilled chorizo mix, GH love it!
 Both GH & Lil Missy are starving, I guess
 Meringue is for the dessert...

 Voilá! Simple & EZ. Without strawberries, it isn't a Swedish summer, either, LoL 
He is ready to play Billycock or Billet /Kubb) 

 After dessert we had parlor games, more Espresso and more...
Look! who is a gipsy, tipsy gal? 
 This is the sun, so ORANGE. I never seen like this sun b4. It's a shame, I couldn't get a perfect shot. 

Hope Yáll have a great and a blessed week-end, wherever and whoever you are. Always take good care to each other. 

Can you find what you are looking for? We have a so-so weather. Sun peeped a minute then anothe minute was cloudy. At least no rain here (for once sake). Thank you, Mother Nature for letting me and D´Nics and friends enjoyed the day.

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Enjoy hunting and visit your co-players for a more funny party.
Look around and you find the subtle, sharp and great shadow shots.
If you are looking for blues? then you have them and if you think my post is pretty then, you have them too? Do you think, I Inspire Lady Marty? It is your choice, if I can persuade her §:-)

God Bless Us always.

16 kommentarer:

  1. What fun, delicious looking shadow shots for the day, Chie!! Looks like everyone had a great day!! Thanks for sharing the fun!!

  2. your gatherings are always so beautiful!! happy weekend!!

  3. Everything looks wonderful.

  4. Those onions look so delectable--and they even have delicate little shadows!

    Shadowy Irrigation Canal

  5. This is outdoor eating at its finest! Love the layout of salmon, asparagus and chorizo (be it Portuguese, Spanish or Mexican). Your home has a wonderful back yard, perfect for entertaining - your summer can be short, take advantage of the daylight as long as possible!

  6. So many delectable shadows happening! Your presentation celebrating midsummer is so beautiful! Love the idea of the sheer curtains to keep unwanted tasters away!

  7. What a beautiful day that was for you all! I wish I could've been there to help celebrate! I have Swedish ancestry...that should count for something! LOL!

  8. looks like you had a lovely time!

  9. Mmmmm så mycket gott! Och sill måste man ha,
    där har du så rätt. Du är superduktig på
    och laga mat, lyckliga dom som gästar dig.
    Stor kram

  10. Oops! You didn't check your link, and it converted to last Blue Monday's link. No worry, though; I will fix it as soon as I leave this comment.

    Thanks for joining in to Blue Monday, CC.

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by and offering words of encouragement!! That means a lot to me!! Congrats on your weight loss too!! Good for you!!


  12. I love herring and why didn't you invite me, ha! Little Miss is looking soo pretty..she looks like you hubs and you, too. Your party and food look amazing outdoors and with the sheer curtains, it's so inviting, wow, you are a great cook and a terrific decorated for your presentation, my sweet muchachita! I just got back from our Florida vacation in Disney with the grands and my daughter and sil. Hope you come to visit and see both posts I have running now, lol!!! Have a terrific week, my friend.

  13. Beautiful blues! Great idea with the netting around the food. Have a great week.

  14. Wonderful spread of food.

  15. Chie, I can tell from your pic that you were having so much fun, lol. Love it! The food looks scrumptious and exotic and both colorful and white dishes and plates are gorgeous. Enjy your not so summery summer!....Christine

  16. I call this a blast.Fun post.The preparations looks your white break fast tray and the cup and saucer.Your strawberry holder so very cute.Just lovely.Hope to see you too...:):)


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