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As You may see...

As I posted in the weekend, Sweden celebrated it's National Day and we had a great sunny day with good food, fun time with my family and cheering the Royal Family.

In D´BoX, we had just a simple celebration. The table is just for the 4 of us, D´Nics. There's nothing much drama. It was just a Swedish simplicity that rule on the top of our table.

The nearest and the best I can have as our centerpiece...

French Lily is very Swedish. I know, almost Swedish home collect this vintage flatwares
Pizza plates as the charges, dinner plates, very Swedish and of course the salad plates, makes the table perfect for the theme...
 I don't have napkin rings for the theme, so I grabbed the gift ribbon and tied it to the napkins... I found that it fits in a way.
Stone goods are Höganäs, a very own Swedish pottery

Never 4get the Absolut Vodka is very Swedish own product, §:-)
To celebrate the day, I put the Swedish flags, for the sake of...

This is the outcome of the simple table... like other typical tables.
Actually, Swedish don't celebrate the National Day. They prefer to celebrate the Midsummer Eve, instead. With so much fun and parties.

Well, I am linking to Susan at BNOP:

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9 kommentarer:

  1. I love the color of your plates, Chie. happy Swedish holiday!...Christine

  2. Very lovely colors! I love the pottery and blue glasses against the white table. I hope your holiday was lovely! xo Karen

  3. Love the colors! So very stunning!

    Jocelyn @

  4. I am a little late in wishing you a happy National Day, but I hope you had a grand day! You table is beautiful and I think the ribbon napkin rings were perfect - they almost look like flags. All the blue and yellow pieces are wonderful and I adore that flatware!

  5. Happy National Day!! I love that you set a very beautiful table for the day. The pottery in it's yellow color is just wonderful. Picking up the blue and yellow is so pretty together. xo marlis

  6. Så fint du hade dukat med blå gult tema.
    Och du har så rätt, det är mer festligheter
    på midsommar. Iår kommer vi åka ut i skärgården
    och ha picknick, hoppas på bra väder.
    Ha en skön helg vännen
    Stor kram


  7. This is a lovely post by you.Chie...Everything looks so beautiful.Love the colour mix.Blue yellow and white.wonderful togo through your earlier posts too.The Royal couple look great.hope enjoying your sunny weather and your holidays..Thank you for showing beautiful Sweden.Happy week end....Love Sujatha...:):)

  8. Happy National Day to you! How nice that you set a special table to celebrate the occasion. Happy weekend to you!

  9. I think that perhaps you have started a trend, and next year, we'll se more celebrations of National Day. You've created quite a sophisticated design for your dinner. I know that they are national colors, but blue, yellow, & white make up my favorite color combination for any time! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


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