Blue Monday join the fun on Sweden National Day and SSS2...

This was taken on the 6th of June 2013...

Yes, it was another year of a National Day and birthdays of my late dear Mum,  our son Kj and niece Georgina.

Sweden celebrate the Nat Day of a not so cool as other countries, or not that cool like other Scandinavian countries. But we had an enjoyable time, by the way. The sunny and warm day makes more awesome feelings and that matters.

Here was our National Day...
Swedes and tourist waited calmly (that's the Royal Castle) in the heart of Stockholm

Royal guard parade infront of the Swedish King & His family  
This is the His Majesty King & Queen with the youngest Princess Madeleine and her fiancee, Chris O´Neil an American. They will marry today 8th of June...
Princess Victoria, Queen to be her family (hidden) and younger brother Prince Philip.
I cheered her name and I got the best shot. Swedes like her the most...
The bday celebrant follow the parade and she is proud to be a Swede 
 Here's the proud Swedes (minus 1. A cousin went home earlier due to fever) We are cousins living in Stockholm but still Pinoy at hearts.

See, here! I got a real Blue-Yellow heart and he is adorable
Can you see that the face looks like an astonished face? then followed by a horse.
I guess, I ate too much, huh?

HAPPY NATIONAL DAY...  when the Blue/yellow standing HIGH...
Princess Madeleine & her groom. Married, June 8, 2012.
Thanks for sharing the photos "Scanpix"

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17 kommentarer:

  1. We all are proud of the country we reside in, any country - it is a pride of a national character, the soul of our land. The blue and yellow flag is beautiful, the trumpeters on horses cool, the horses really beautiful. And royalty is very unique to my eyes as we have none over here. The little girl indeed looks proud - and your family members and you look lovely as the parade passes by. A glorious day!

  2. Yes, happy national day to you and Sweden! Hoorah! I love all that pageantry-and a royal wedding to boot. Fabulous!

  3. Så roligt och fira nationaldagen i Stockholm,
    där händer det lite mer än här. Och du har rätt,
    vi har ingen vana av och fira 6 juni. Så fina
    foton du fick av kungafamiljen, du fångade
    Victoria jättebra.

  4. Hej CC girl! Vilket fint foto på Victoria! Jag har ju mitt lilla Swedish Corner här i Australien, men så klart längtar jag hem ibland - det var julen 2003 som jag var hemma sist. Satt o kollade på play så jag fick min dos av det kungliga bröllopet. Det var extra speciellt för mig för jag känner en av organisterna (fd. pojkvän) som var ombedd att spela! Kram från Pernilla

  5. What a lovely series of photo's. I haven't been to Sweden yet bur maybe some other cruise will bring us to Stockholm. Congratulations on your national day.

  6. Thanks for sharing your great photos with us! You got so very close to the royal family to get such wonderful pictures. The princess bride is so very beautiful.

  7. I really enjoyed this! Your princesses are beautiful, and you got such wonderful parade shots. I like the Dutch angle in the first one. It makes the shadows the central figures. Great!

  8. Wonderful coverage of Sweeden National Day.
    Great shots.

  9. I like your blues; you took some detailed shots. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, CC.

  10. Those trumpeters look elegant, all dressed in blue!

    Blue Mary

  11. Lovely photos! Nobody could beat Filipinas you all look gorgeous!


  12. Wonderful shots. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  13. Great blues. Beautiful sky. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oj, vad roligt att du stod så bra till och kunde fotografera kungafamiljen!

  15. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues. You do live in an awesome place.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  16. Wonderful pics. I played too. Mine are here and here.


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