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YES! At last, at least today, we had an enjoyable sunny day. Our week-end started at the kitchen with a little chat with Lil Missy who arrived yesterday from the uni for a summer holiday in the big city.

I booked our Saturday for pampering. GH, Lil Missy and myself, went for mani-padi mood. We really need to do some updates. Now, we know that next week, it is Midsummer and it means a big day for the Swedes coz summer time and the summer vacation starts. Some take 4 weeks in a row and save a week either for Autum break of Christmas break. Me and GH choose to divide our vacation weeks. We could have a long week-end by air or by car for off roading, anyways.  Very interesting driving in different countries in Europe. Just hoping Mother Nature can share us a wonderful summer weather.

My dendrobium greeted me when I came in to the kitchen
Fruity corner and the jam jars, onion jar and garlic jar chorused & said, "Morning"!
After the breakfast, d´Nics blissful day, pampering...
Hard to choose which but at the end, Lil Missy & me choose CK & some glitters
Don't you love the sunny shadowy day at D´Box?
 The suuny day continued till we came back home, so grabbed my summer gears
 GH reminded me, "Don't 4get the SPF!" I shooked my head and took my sunglasses too...

 Do you think, I dare to use my 2 piece in the backyard?
I am loving my new Chevron beach bag and look what do I have for flip-flops?
Oh yeah! It is 6.30pm and it is still sunny and fresh breeze. I been so lazy this passed weeks due to pollen and now I am just hoping for a quiet and calm week-end , though. Sometimes, I wished that I can ask Mother Nature I could order what I wanted Her to do what I wanted Her to do... §:-)  But as for now, I am so greatful that even for a day, we can go out and enjoy the sunny day. OMG! I sounded so greedy with the sun.

Guys! Hope you have a great and blissful week-end too...
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Always keep your hearts in place for a peace and calm life.

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12 kommentarer:

  1. So many delightful summery shadow shots for the day! I love them! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Chie!

  2. Nice fashion there and wonderful shots.

  3. Your day started off nicely - the sun and shadow that falls upon your kitchen makes us wake up so we can enjoy the day. I like your yard, and that Stockholm is now sunny it looks perfect to lie in the sun and truly relax - glad you remembered the SPF protection!

  4. A blissful day-not to mention a beautiful one! Love all your gear!

  5. Gorgeous variety of summer shadows! Love the detail of the shadowy shapes in the first photo!

  6. Wata lovely day and i love your shadows

  7. Så roligt att dottern är hemma, mysigt
    och gå på stan och köpa snygga nagellack.
    Ser skönt ut med solstolen, jättefin väska
    och flipflops också.
    Ha en skön söndag
    Stor kram

  8. Härligt att solen tittar fram, speciellt när dottern dyker upp! Kram från Australien♥ ~Pernilla... Hoppas ni får underbart väder på midsommar också! Håller tummarna härifrån ;) Tjingeling!

  9. A lovely day with beautiful summer shadows! I love your outside space! xo

  10. It sounds like a wonderful day, and what fun nails! Your pictures are so nice. Love the shadows on the cabinet. laurie


  11. Hi Such a cute and cheerful post.Hope had a great outing .Enjoy....Love sujatha...:):)

  12. Sounds like a very relaxing day, Chie! Nice to have little Missy back for company for a while....Christine


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