D´BoX in a Productive Day...


As forecasted, our weather  isn't that steady and it starts on Monday and Tuesday. However, we need some lil rain to flush or spool the dust and pollen away and of course, it helps our backyard more greeny? 

I am thankful that the sun shines over the city of Stockholm, Sweden. It is an easy life when our weather is like this. No coats or boots. Our great contentment are a pair of sandals, shorts and t-shirts.

We arrived from a week city tour in Prague, Czech Republic and it was a funny trip with GH, although 3 days was raining. That doesn't stopped us to stroll the old city and the like. I will be back with some photos around, next post.

Welcome All,  to my simple BoX (watch your steps)
Just a lil porch where we sit specially in the morning when sun is shining
We skip the entrance/foyér and the lounge (I am revamping it) show U later...
Now, stepping out in the open back porch...
When you stand behind the lounge armchairs, this is what you see.
Plump tree with my double sheer curtains ready for dinner and the other is for the Bambis who visit us as uninvited guests and just eat all my flowers, §:-(
This is the other side view, with apple trees and the raspberries... this is GH heaven...
And right infront you is the cubby house (playhouse that need my TLC) soon but first?
See below...

Lil Missy helped the handyman...
Way to go...
It's more likely, GH? I need to cut the grasses between, soonest!

While GH do his tasks, I do my part. de-weeding between stones...

This was our productive day (Saturday). I am not sure if you do like what we do when re-doing or do just a make-over of the stones, where you're living in. Do you? What I know is that we have different ways and ideas. Anyhow, our neighbors are fascinated that we are a bit fastidious but for us, doing this chores are like an exercise/training for a better wellness. We are both so active and we LOVE enjoying it, specially when we see the Outcome.

This might not as fancy as yours but we are loving the simple way of life is. 
This is what I see now, 10 mins to 01.00am. See the light? that's where my peonies are.

Morning down south of the equator and evening up in North...

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This might not be as pretty as yours but we put our all effort to live comfortable at my BoX.

Just look around and find the blue there...

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10 kommentarer:

  1. A very productive day! I love to get out in the garden and help the plants to be healthy and beautiful! Great exercise for body and soul!

  2. I guess it still would that light out at 1 am in your neck of the woods! But, I am exhausted just looking at your productive day! Ready to sit under that tree with the curtains.

  3. Wonderful, fun shadow shots for the day and productive as well!! Gemma is right, great exercise for the body and soul! Enjoy!!

  4. Your lovely home is looking fabulous, you all do such a great job and your garden is gorgeous, sweet friend! Love this shadow post! Have a terrific week, niña bonita!

  5. Fantastiskt fin stenläggning, och så
    mysigt och fint med det vita planket.
    Du har en underbar trädgård Chie.

  6. I like the blue stone on your driveway. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, C.

  7. I like to see families working together!


  8. You have a beautiful home. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  9. You worked really hard, but it was worth it. Your yard is lovely.


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