Just Magical When Sun Shine over Us...

Loving every lil second...

YES! Sunny Sunday... and can't even better. Both me and GH were outside trimming the hedges, raking, mowing, re-planting, picking up the old branches and the last but not the least was I had time to digged in my toys to end my great week-end.


This is the motives for today's settings... 
Dessert dish with a wooden spoon. 
Anotoher adorable treasure. Muggs can use both tea or coffee, depends your mood
A very centerpiece
Who can resist?

The Iranian sugar and creamer
New purchased tenn rose napkin rings. I do love them too...
Opppss... an outdoor setting, huh? The chairs ar Gustavian 
For coffe is sesami cookies, finger banana cake for the LCHF:er and fine choco
Just some blings...
Yes! my sheer curtains hanged to keep Bambis away from my tulips
What do think the OUTCOME?

Joining my newest meme...
And of course, at Marty's on Tuesdays...

This was my gardening gears the whole day. My family and friends said that I look like the Metro cleaning lady in Th Phillippines, but a little tourist version. LoL*

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Hope you had a great w/end and more enjoyment your week ahead.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Så fint du har!

    Nu blev jag lite fundersam. Var har du hört att Blogger ska försvinna? Jag har varken hört eller läst någonting.

    Ha en fin kväll.


    1. Elna,
      Det är från Blogger. Du vet att mina läsare är mest amerikaner och alla har nu migrerats till Wordpress, note eller vad kan det va.

      Gubben i huset håller att undersöka och jag återkommer till dig så kan du få ny uppdatering.

      Spara gärna din blogs HTML, antingen i Word eller mejla till dig själv. På så vis, hittar du om ngting händer. Sån hände mig. Tack o lov mina kompisar, varnade varandra.

      Jag verkligen att ingen vet i Sverige.

      Hålll utskikt.

      /CC girl

  2. Your outdoor room is so lovely! I love your dishes. It must truly be bliss in that special spot sharing a meal. You've done a wonderful job!



  3. Hi Chie...Nice to hear from you....Thank you for the lovely comment...your garden set up is so pretty with all those beautiful things on the table.nice colour combination.tablecloth looks great for the ambiance.The flowers are so pretty.i can feel you are enjoying the sunny days..Have a great week ahead ...Love....sujatha...:):):)

  4. I know that you treasure the warm and sunny days that come your way. Your garden table is lovely, and I like that you captured the glow of the sun with your colors. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  5. What a gorgeous table setting. I adore the napkin rings.

  6. Your table is so pretty, and I love those napkin rings too!


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