Long Week-End to Visit Lil Missy...

Yeah! at last...

After Easter, this is the first time to meet lil Missy. GH scheduled a meeting with the our colleagues down south of Sweden and luckily, lil Missy have time to mingle with us.

Since Easter? It was not that long ago, but last April 7th, she celebrated her 21st bday, without us? Well, our kiddos are growing up and living with their own and that hurts just thinking about it, but --- this is LIFE, right? We need to let them go, in a way. We parents are always there in time our kids needed us. 

So, here we go again... travelling heading South of Sweden
GH driving... he don't allowed me to ---LoL*
The road's view... I don't like lorries!
"Share you Coke with a LOVE"
LoL* my blush on said "Wanna join your fun" 
Checked In at Radisson SAS Blu Hotel
Contemporary Business class room, GH absolutely style
The other side of the sunny room...love the sun shone in
Having a drink with GH in the evening
Then we went out for a walk. "TURNING TORSO" the building & sunset
This is a wonderful view ever in my Spring 2013

I hope you enjoy my day...
Head over to Mother Memes...
THANK YOU...enjoy your w/end

4 kommentarer:

  1. Interesting series of photos! The hotel has a lovely rock and plant arrangement by the window! A nice touch!

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  3. Hope you had fun with your daughter!! Looks like your trip was fun!

  4. Fina bilder och jag ser att ni har varit i Malmö. Du kan skriva till mig innan ni är på väg nästa gång så hoppas jag vi ses.



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