SSS2 on a sunny Sunday...

At LAST!!!

It was forecasted that this week-end will be a pissy one. Fortunately, weather forecasters are well WRONG! or shall I say, we can't predict the nature. 

So, when I woke up I saw the sun shone inside in our bedroom blinds. I jumped hurriedly and if you see my face? seems I am like a child having a lolly. What weather can give us our blood vessels alive. 

Pls join me my tidbits of the day...
My healthy breakfast, smoothie...
I opened the cellar door and let the sunshine in...
 GH brought out my laundry and it means SPRING! soon laundry hanged outside. LoL*
Hmmm... SUV still stand in my summer corner?
Oh yeah! That's the Globe & Skyview. Justin Bieber concert was held here.
Pampering my tired feet...
U know the reason why? There U go??? Enjoyed to the max.
And here I am now... in the open back porch enjoying my Sunday...

Well, this was my day and I am enjoying and still enjoying the week-end. Hope my week will be as productive as today coz me and GH will be having a short week off. We'll be nesting D´Box for the Spring to come. 

Hope you all have a great w/end and week ahead.

I am joining as always in my w/end meme...
Thank You 3Marias for hosting...
Magical Teacher
Rose Kulit

Look around and YOU all find what we ARE looking FOR!!!
Are you a true-blooded SSS chaser? Then you know you find what your looking for in my photos, right? Good Luck...

6 kommentarer:

  1. Nu är det dags och flytta bilen och bära
    ut lite sommarmöbler, när solen lyser så
    här fint kan ni ju fika ute. Fina bilder
    från din söndag.
    Kramar till dig vännen

  2. enjoy your time with hubby!!! have a relaxing week!! the smoothie looks yummy!!!

  3. I make similar smoothie :)
    It's been sunny here too but the wind is quite cold...
    Lucky you having a space to BE outside.
    16kgs - well done!!! By calculating calories I've learned that I can manage well under 1000 kcal IF the calories are good (berries, fish etc.)
    I feel so much better now! And you too, I'm sure!
    ps. running is not for me but I love loooong walks!

  4. All those moments in your everyday life are so artfully done! And, is that really you in that lift (dancers)? Wow! Yep, just got my first p[edicure of the seaso this week too!

  5. Awesome systah, I wish I could dance lol.

    Spring Shadows

  6. Wonderful set of assorted images.


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