Lissabon, Portugal Escapade in my SSS2

Missing In ACTION!

If you wonder or if ever someone wonder where am I? Well, I am lost in Lissabon LoL* As I said in my earlier post, I am surprised by an escapade that GH gift for our 24th year wedding anniversary. I thought, we only cruise over the Baltic Sea and had a day in Tallin, the capital city of Estonia but he only let me unpack our baggage then told me to pack again for a 7 days trip. 

Absolutely, I love surprises but this surprised? Make my heart skip a bit. I hurriedly and stressed out unpacked and washed the laundry from our 4 days cruising then packed for a 7 days trip.  Unbelievable...

Join with me in my Funtastic Trip...
Champ with Swarovski crystal rings and pearl necklase awaits me...
Thank you so much GH for giving our spirit alive... TY Sir Buckley/London
for designing the beautiful jewelries...
So windy here but sun shone anyways... taken in Liberdidad St.
Well, just posed outside for a reflection...
Old elevator... going up & down..
Over-looking the Rio Tejo, longest Iberian river betwwn Portugal & Spain  
My sun worshipper found the best spot!
Posed infront of Sana Malhoa Hotel where we stay and ready for day adventure
Behind me is Rio Tejo. Look at the Cristo Rei
And the Statue of Christ, same in Rio de Janiero, which inagurated 1959
The tram cheuffer got a problem when the electrical wiring got off
 GH look up to see the one of EU's largest shopping center, Colombo Shopping Mall
See beside? This is the BENFICAfootball stadium 
 Outdoor gym at the Amnesty Park behind our hotel
The old bridge that connects the suburbs to the mainland
GH afraid of height. Here, he posed in the middle of the bridge happy!

This is all for now lovelies and hope to see you around again.
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Enjoy the w/end my co-players and don't forget to visit all our meme Mother's
and join the fun. Visit as many players as you can for more enjoyable time.

Hugs from Lissabon

12 kommentarer:

  1. A trip to get away from the pressures of work - you of course deserved this getaway! Lisbon looks to be a charming city that goes back quite away...and you two are still kids at heart (and a fine looking couple)...

  2. What a fun, great post for the day, Chie! I agree with Ralph, you two are still kids at heart and a great couple who know how to have fun and enjoy life! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!

  3. I can't blame GH for posing in the middle of the bridge! Sometimes, I can't even get on them. What a lovely surprise and wa]hat a wonderful GH! I guess you'll have to keep him for a few more years, huh? ; )

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Terrific collection of shots.

  5. Thanks for the tour - I know you are having a fabulous time! Great jewelery and a sweet "gift-giver"!!

  6. Thanks for the tour chic lady! :)

  7. Great shadow shots and looks like a fun place ~ ^_^

  8. Vad ni har det bra! Vilken överraskning det blev
    med två resor, och Lissabon är säkert en härlig
    stad så här på våren. Så fina smycken du fick också.
    Ha det toppenbra, grattis till er bägge
    Stor kram

  9. What a great hubby you have! Happy anniversary, Chie! What a wonderful surprise! Is Lissabon and Lisbon the same city? Cause I have events Lisbon and have been to Tallinn also. Wish you could visit me someday too!...Christine

  10. A grand tour of your adventures! Some fascinating sights!

  11. You went there without me? Take me with you next time lol. Kidding sistah. What a beautiful place to go for a vacation!

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