Landed Back In My Precious Box on My SSS2

After 2 weeks...

Yes! We are back home. It says in Swedish "Borta bra men Hemma bäst". Great to be away but Home is Best, the nearest translation I could translate in the easiest way, LoL*

Anyways, How's everyone? I am sorry for not visiting as much as I always do this passed 2 weeks. Now, that am back in my track again, you bet! I will be roaming and strolling my bloggie world again.

Today, I will share some of the last photos around Lisbon

OBS! Browse coz have lots of photos...
Tourists are bumping one's elbows to jumped in first...
While me and GH giggled having our heavenly breakfast...
Then we were out walking at the back at Lisbon University and here is the view.
You can see where we stood, at the financial district then Liberdidad St. to Rio Tejo
This is the back of my fave department store...

We are on the way for our adventure to the West Coast...
Cool advertisement for Banco Santander Totta...LoL*
But this 2 guys are real!
Ha! Metro in Lisbon is petité, so if your tall, your knees touches the other side
Arrived in Sintra & heading to the Castle
OMG! do you think I can walk up on that hill? HELP!
B4 we get up on that hill, we stroll around Zoological Garden, fun arts!
YeeeeY!!! I reached the ultimately end of Europe
Proven I been to Cabo da Roca (press link) to see the fact

Now, we're heading to Estoril...(press link) for facts of the area...
WELCOME TO Estoril---
Too early to start at the Casino, LoL*
But, proven too that both touched the Atlantic Ocean water.
Now, only missing is the Indian Ocean water as we been to most all oceans
Guess, we are too tired so, on the way home at Sana Malhoa Hotel
This was our bed waiting for a relaxing time 
GH told me to hurry coz he was starving. Here's our dinner
Hope you enjoyed our adventure...

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ENJOY your blessed day/night Precious World.

17 kommentarer:

  1. Lisbon and Estoril have such charm - mostly classic architecture with only a few modern buildings to spoil the view...I'd like the landscaper who designed the gardens at the university to redesign our back yard so nice! It seems such a lovely country, and congratulations for making it to the top of the hill!

  2. it is always a pleasure sharing your adventures!! looks like you had a fabulous time!! happy weekend!!

  3. Nice shots. Wonderful view of the Lisbon University.

  4. What a wonderful collection of shadow shots from your trip. It looks like a wonderful experience. I like all the pictures, but ones of you on the beach have to be my favorites. You all look so happy. genie

  5. Beautiful pictures, Chie! Thanks for sharing them. Those sculptures are interesting. Are you losing weight?....Christine

  6. What a wonderful trip and you are so cute in all of your poses! It makes the pictures so much more fun. Everything was so beautiful. I feel like I got to come along!

  7. Amazing attention to shape and pattern in those university hedges! And a fascinating range of building structures! You seem to have had an intriguing adventure!

  8. Thanks for sharing! You had a good weather - not too hot :)
    By the way 'Totta' is true in Finnish :)
    Have a good week ahead!

  9. great series of photos, seems like you had a lovely time there

  10. Awesome getaway sistah, gotta laugh on the pickle shadow lol.

    My Shadow Shots
    Your comment is always appreciated, have a blessed Sunday!

  11. Thanks for visiting my porch in French Lique, Texas! Yes, sunny and warm here... But that's south Texas! Beautiful photos of your trip! Dixie

  12. Ni är så gulliga som skrev era namn i sanden,
    och ni är så fina ihop, det syns att ni har roligt.
    Vilken fin resa det blev, och så många fina foton
    som minne. Hoppas du kom hem med våren nu.
    Varm kram

  13. CC girl it looks like you and hubby had a lot of fun and "way to go girl!!" on that walk up the mountain side !! ... touching the Atlantic was a very cool thing to do as well .. I miss the ocean, big sigh !
    Glad you guys got home safe and sound and the quote is very true .. no matter how much fun travelling is .. it is always so good to get back home and in your own bed ;-) LOL

  14. Vackra bilder och i Lissabon har jag varit. Här nere i Skåne har vi vår, hoppas den håller i sig. Alltid lika skönt att komma hem igen. Du får ha en fortsatt bra vecka.


  15. What beauty you saw! I cannot get over the gorgeous hedges and wonderful sculpture.

    Have a lovely day!

  16. Oh, what fun photos!! I loved everyone of them. I hope that you really did not have to walk up the hill to the castle - ouch!!! Thanks for sharing you wonderful vacation with us - I have never been to Portugal!

  17. That was quite a trip. Glad you made it up to the top of the hill!
    The photos were great...


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