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What a Beautiful Monday!

It is a sunny chilly Monday morning. But it is still a bit chilly. Who cares, anyway? The sun is shinning in it's best. Long days and Spring is coming. Snow were thawed and I can see that the wild flowers are growing healthy in my backyard. And for ME? that matters.

Well, well... today, I will join Yvonne at Stonegable a try. As I see that many of her participants are really good and smart cooks and I need their tips to update my cooking skills , LoL* and I do mean it.

For now, I have my revised Filipino Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls
And a bit more... so join me...

Mix Spice Lolly Chicken
I started to devined the chicken filé... ½ kgs for 2 pax 
Soaked and wash with lemon just to let the smell off (Pinoy way)
2 cloves minced garlic 
Lemon pepper, kikkoman soy sauce
½ tsp basil, tarragon & greek spice for grill
Finest greek olive oil (I use mine from Greece)
Marinate for few hours.

***Then I started to make my Fresh veggie rolls... 
1 onion, 2 carrots, half cabbage and haricot verts
Boil carrots al dente and fried the rest.
Be sure your veggies are still crispy (Asian rules) 
Let it cool...
This is IT!  If you wonder the spring roll papper? You can buy it from all Asian Supermarket
Psyllium sauce... 
OBS! Psyllium have a weird consistent, so for you who are picky, use flour
I fried the 1 garlic cube then set aside.
Mix 2 cups water, ½ cup brown sugar then let it boil while whisking
Dash with black pepper, vinegar and Coconut Aminos/soya
Mix the fried garlic and stir well...
I still have veggies left, so I roll for lunch later. Just fried until tender brown...
Chicken Lollies resting in a bed of cherry tomatoes...
I am serving in a very Swedish simple way...
Just loving IKEA
 I always lit candle whatever time we set theD´BoX  table
 Ain't you love the colour combo? Spring-y!
 Who can't say NO to this lovely stemwares?
 Vintage etched crystal bottle for my drinking water
Maltese cotton napkins, loving them 

BON APTITÉ... & See You...
Thank You for motivating my kitchen
Joining with Lady Marty too...
The most kind meme Mother evah
on her TTT... so don't forget to visit her blog pressing the logo.


7 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely flowers and the food looks delicious! I hope it will soon be warm where you are.

  2. These look so good, but I do not tolerate soy sauce very well. Do you think there is a substitute for it? I would really like to make these.

    1. Dear Diane,
      As an asian soy sauce is the one of the base ingredients. However, you can use a Coconut Aminos to substitute all soy sauce issue.

      Worth a try. My Swedish, Canadian and Australian co-bloggers love my own recipes.

      Good Luck and let me know how it works for you.

      Thank you for coming.

      /CC girl

  3. Oh Chie, this looks sooooooooo yummy and I love your beautiful tablescape. The flowers are stunning and the black goblets are beautiful. Very, very nice. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. A delicious meal! Looks wonderful, Chie.

  5. Det ser gott ut. Nej jag har inte fått ditt meddelande men jag läste nu att du och din man kommer förbi. Jag vill gärna träffa dig men lördag - måndag är jag i Hamburg. Hoppas det kommer fler tillfällen.
    Du får ha en skön helg.


  6. What a special meal for a special date night. Thanks for sharing, liz


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