Sunny on my SSS2 Day...


SUN... you're the ONE we need! Wonderful sunny Saturday. I was really busy playing chess in the lounge for Spring feelings. I will you show you the outcome next post eventhough there is nothing special of D´Box but the TLC is what I have.

NOTHING MUCH TO SAY! Just look around and YOU find them there---


Lastly, went to join for a walk and ended up in this tunnel...

Hope You all have a Wonderful & Blessed W/end...

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  1. As always, your home is lovely! I like the green sofa, very much like the small fireplace and love the wood floor. What is impressive is you decorating sense - not stuffy and formal at all. An experiment in style that is quite id that shadowy tunnel! Nice!

  2. you found some lovely home shadows...excellent!!!

  3. I love the objects and color palette and light of your home.
    Very soothing.

  4. I love your shadows, although I do see some sun in the shots. Such beautiful things too, my deasr chiquita bonita!! Where did you go by that tunnel? Come over, I dedicated my table for my snowed up friends, like you!! Big hugs,

  5. Very pretty settings bathed in soft light and shadow! Love the white figurine and the unusual candle holder!


  6. Hi sweet Chie...I know you are a busy lady..thank you to stop by...You always present lovely things..everything looks grand the crystal fruit holder....Tunnel shot ...sujatha:):):)

  7. Your house is so beautiful and full of wonderful things (and color). Love that tunnel too.

  8. Lindas cenas, a sala é convidativa...e o túnel, incrível. beijos!

  9. I agree with Paula, you have a beautiful house sistah.

    Shadow Shots

    Better late than never right? I just now have the time to visit entries.


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