St. PADDY'S DAY, My Compositon, My Style on SSS2

March 17 is St. Patrick's Days!

Yes, and it is also the 8th death anniversary of my loving Dad. Times flies too quickly. 8th years? I missed Dad and after these years, I'm still not full recovered with my broken heart. As they said "Life must go on" but heart be still.

Sweden is not honouring St. Patrick's Day. Isn't that funny that Ireland is just a stone throw away from Scandinavia? Anyways, I was in a hurry of planning what is for this day's tablesetting? I am not so keen of the theme. So, GH told me to met at our local grocery store. Target in the US, I guess? He let me run in the last minute as they have a clearance in kitchen stuffs.

My composition, My Style:
 I started with my centerpiece, lovely bunnies---
 New placemats & old V&B basic dinnerwares...

 Mini bowls from Josefins Magasinet... Sturegallerian
 Irish coffee glasses are glad to join my settings
  No S&P shakers today but here are my spices... they fits on my table today §:-)

 Here's the nearest gadgets I can find to honour St. Paddy---

Hope YÁll have a wonderful w/end...

Joining with SSS2 ---
Hope you can join us too.

Susan at BNOP

12 kommentarer:

  1. The table setting is so lovely! Adore the "&" platter and bunnies! Unique!

  2. There is so much green here in the US on St. Patrick's eve - more than in Eire? Well, they have greener lands than here...and the saint too! Your table setting is beautiful, green ad white in honor of the day - even the spice bottles are perfect, theor green going so well with the green bunnies. Even if the foliday is non-existent in Sweden, you have found wonderful reasons to celebrate!

  3. Just saw a shot on news how they spent Irish evening in pubs yesterday but otherwise SPe is not a big thing in Finland.
    Beautiful table again!
    Have a good week ahead - and hopefully sunny!!!

  4. St Patricks day har vi aldrig firat, trots
    närhet till Irland. Underbar dukning dagen
    till ära, härligt grönt tema.
    Ha en skön söndag och ny vecka
    Stor kram

  5. CC girl you did a fantastic job putting the GREEN on ! ... I love those little green bunnies .. and of course your dishes are always beautiful! .. the white and green is so fresh and inviting .. and what's up with them not celebrating St. Paddy's Day ?? they could be drinking green beer !! hahaha
    never mind .. you did a terrific job and this has been a really fun post to see from you girl : )

  6. I love your green bunnies sistah!

    Shadow Shots
    Your comment is always appreciated.

  7. I'm so sorry your heart is still so broken, Chie. I can only imagine the pain you must feel. I still have both my parents, and I dread the day one of them leaves us here on earth. I'll bet your Dad is very proud of you and watches over you from heaven.

    You did a good job with your tablescape! The green bunnies are really cute!!! I really like those Irish coffee mugs, too! It IS funny that Scandinavia and Ireland are so close in proximity but so diverse in culture!!!

    I hope you have a good week, and I'm sending you a big hug to comfort you as you continue to mourn the loss of your sweet Dad.

  8. Very neatly arranged. You have an eye for details.

  9. Señorita bonita, you did a fabulous table! I adore all your green and white, such gorgeous pieces, like your green bunnies and the dishes are grand! I love it all!! I'm sorry honey for been so sad for losing your sweet dad, I lost mine 16 years ago and I still miss him so much, there's so much I want to tell him and ask him yet! I do understand as I have my mama only and she's my best friend, we do everything together, but I know someday she will not be with me, as my Mil, who I loved so much. I hope you just live it to our Lord Jesus Christ and he will comfort you. Big,big hugs, and lots of love.

  10. Amazing!!! You are a fabulous decorator and I love how you used things you already had too! Beautiful!

  11. Love all the green and white, such fresh and pretty! Beautiful table! The & sign is so cute. My favorite are the darling covered bowls...just beautiful!

  12. Hi Chie
    This is a beautiful white and green combination table.You always create such wonderful white table with amazing things you possess. Interesting table indeed...Hugs ...:):)


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