SSS2 In An Epidemic Week...

Not really much to say, this week-end! Coz LIFE is full of SURPRISES...

COZ am having this awful FLU. I really suffered a severe one and it is not funny. Severe headache, severe muscle pain, severe running nose, severe cough, allergy chock and U.T.I? I sounded like and old lady in the "Home for the Aged", ain't I? LoL*

But, what can I do when more than over half of the Sweden population are knocked down with this winter epidemic. I was home curing first 2 days last week but my fever wasn't cooperating with all the paracetamol. I rung our family doctor and I got a time to met her. She examined me and prescribed some strong meds. And last thing, she said "I don't like the mole in your right back. I send you to my colleague, a surgeon and she will contact you in a week" Surgery is all you need!" Ah What?", I responded. "I am here for my flu consultation, NOT a MALIGNT MELANOM?" Do you think I could argue with the proffs? I just shoke my heavy head and think "You can even SHOT me now". Somehow, she knows well what she's talking about. Isn't she?

So, here was my day, ON d Way to my Doc... & tidbits
This is our street... the first day I was out for 4 days...
I found that my world was spinning and as I look up, the sun peeped a bit on me!

I looked around and so fascinated with my snowed blue surroundings
When I arrived at the bus stop,  short-winded but I still had my rowdy mood §:-)
I wrote LOML= love of my Life in a dew/froozen glass.
So glad to see that the Metro (subway) wasn't too crowded...
OMG! what a big difference from a 10 mins. distance. From home to the city!
This was the scene after my doc. I went to the chemist to get my medicines...

However, I can't resist to visit MIO, press the link to see the Swedish local store, LUV it!
This is the store, that I use to get my inspirations, our furnitures & kitchen gadgets.
Hey! I am not advertising the store. It's just happen that I love their products, that's all.

Well, this was my first day strolling although I am not fit for fight. Once I can move, I do things to mobilize and motivate myself. I missed the socialising and in my situation now, I guess my friends & cousins won't dare to met, though?

So,  my SSS friends, I hope you find another day in Stockholm.
Can you find the thing what we are looking and chasing for? 
If you are a true blooded SSS2 player? Tell me if you can!!!

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10 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome shots and I really love the indoor shots! I hope you are having a great week!

    I love the tree in the dining room!

  2. You do sound as if you are struggling! Hope you manage to shake off your flu soon! Amazed at the snow laden street outside your home! Lovely interior design of the shop PLUS some lovely interior shadows at play!

  3. When you are not yourself and the cure means to stay home for days, the first trip out of the house may be a bit tentative. Yet when you go, little things like looking at your street area real relief and very comforting (the uncrowded Metro was a nice change too :)

    Get well soon!

  4. do hope the stronger dose of meds help. feel that shop!!

  5. Oh I do hope you are feeling better son!

    Have a very Happy Valentine's week!

  6. Hope you're feeling better and that everything is ok with the mole. Take care and get lots of rest and warmth!

  7. Hope you get over the flu quickly. We have had it hit our country hard as well. Thanks for stopping by. Sea Witch

  8. Oh no, that is awful! Get well soon sistah!

    My Shadow
    Have a great week ahead.

  9. I hope you are feeling better very soon and the mole is nothing but an ugly mole!
    Thanks for visiting me and I am following you too!


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