Another Day Rolling...

This is what I call Life...

Another week-end full of enjoyment just together of us. Life is good, although I feel the flu is coming but this doesn't stopped me for having a good time. GH and me went for a walk and we ended to watch a movie. This was our activity this week-end.

Our breakfast this cold sunny Saturday. Baked prosciutto topped with egg, leeks & tomatoes

The photos were taken from the window of the shoppes, on the way to Metro
Then while waiting the movie, I had a lil rest 
  This is the arts in the wall of the cinema... Cool huh?
Next film is parading on the walls too...
My step counter shows that I have those steps. That's lots for my short legs :-)
Hope you're enjoying walking with us through Stockholms underground to the cinema
This cold winter Saturday...
Then, don't forget to head-over to our 3's Maria who are hosting the fun.

Happy SSS2, precious World.

13 kommentarer:

  1. What a fun variety of shadow shots for the day!! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!

  2. Such pretty lighting effects in this photos! But the photo that totally enchanted me was the one of artwork on the cinema wall! Creative and clever!

  3. I like your brakfast idea - although I prefer my eggs scrambled, the look of this disk gets me thinking about food that looks like it tastes - delicious! This is a great place of underground shops and a cinema - a place to avoid the cold yet a pleasure to shop and walk. That is an amazing amount of steps - happily at play so it does't feel like work!

  4. Looks like a hearty breakfast sistah. Stay warm!

    Shadowy Background.
    Your comment is always appreciated..

  5. Great shots. I love the wall art in the cinema. They are quite interesting!

  6. Would love to have breakfast with you!

  7. You certainly have your eyes open for shadows, wherever you go!

    Buddha in the Shadows

  8. the art work at the cinema is awesome...our theaters don't have that! Thanks for sharing your day with us...way to go on all those steps...keep on keeping on!!!

  9. Muitas coisas interessantes para compartilhar...gostei, um abraço!

  10. waht a fun post... and you certainly did put a huge number on your step counter... good for you...!

  11. Oh it looks like you had a wonderful day!!!

  12. What a great way to start the day! I love those wall sculptures too. I hope you manage to fight the flu off!

  13. Nice set of images. Good to know you had good time.


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