SSS2 in a Freezing City of Stocholm

It is terrible COLD

Mid-week of January and it is freezing! This is a week now that the capital city of Sweden, is freezing down to -22 degrees centigrade. I can't imagine that I'd survive living in this cold country. I still recall when my old folks said "It is a matter of adapting. Be patience". Oh yeah! I am absolutely adapting after 25 yrs of living here. 

Well, what can I complain more apart from the temperature? Sunshine... I never thought that sunshine could make one's mood and health. What I know was vit D §:-) Don't you think I was loittering when our Health teacher lectured this subject? LoL*


DAY at Work yesterday!

Palm tree and behind is where you can find me
How fancy is this? Suddenly, Mr. Sunshine visit us

Mr. Sunshine, Thank you for peeping me at my desk
This is the view out from my office... there was nothing b4 
 And the other side... I was drooling to go out to have a bit of sun


Good Morning Lovelies... 
I was so tired, so I got up at today. Sunshine?
 Freezing week-end offer a sunny day thru our kitchen window
What's for breakfast, Love? 

The view of Ericsson Globe Arena where all big events held...
Around the wall to roof is where the Sky View located and you can
see the whole view of Stockholm. 

Oh yeah... that's the shots I could share with you today, dear friends. 
And now, head over to the ladies behind our SSS2 meme...

A little words from D´Box... Hope you have a blessed w/end.
God Bless Us All...


18 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely shadow shots, and while it is not that cold here on the coast of Texas, it's been colder than normal. But finally the sun came out after weeks of being missing in action! Love that vitamin D...

  2. Beautiful photography ~ Very creative ~ It sure looks cold there ~ Be Warm ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. P.S. ~ Forgot to mention: Am your latest follower on GFC ^_^

  4. So love that bluest blue acting as a canvas for the delightful palm shadow! And love all these snowy scenes kissed with sunlight and shadow!

  5. Oh my goodness, the view from your office is one cold view, love the sunshine photos. hugs ~lynne ~

  6. That is cold (-7°F)! We feel the cold as it is, yet a strong sun makes the outside look warmer...I like your office - the sun of course, but the light wood heels warm too, and looks so nice. The snow and sun allow for artistic shadows outside your windows - keep warm!

  7. Hello CC girl ! .. I was just on my way to bed .. yup, sad eh ? almost 7:30 PM!
    I love seeing your office and what you see from your window! .. and that header picture is beautiful by the way.
    Your shadow shots are perfect .. funny how those eggs made me grin though ! haha
    Hey ... we are headed to a deep freeze this week .. -25 or so .. even without snow .. which is so not good for my garden .. it shivers without a protective covering of snow.
    Ah yes ... we need a little sun to remind us that we are not truly mole people .. but for now ? .. I am one BIG mole ! haha
    Have a great weekend CC !
    Joy, a friend from the Great almost white ? North ! haha
    PS ... I really loved those words of wisdom .. VERY true !!

  8. -22 degree centigrade, its really terrible. I can't imagine to manage this cold.

    Its good, still you are getting sunshine to gain your Vitamin D :)

    I love the pictures posted, thanks for sharing

  9. t'was a little sunny today here but still very cold! I love your last shot sistah, stay warm. Gawa ka ng arroz caldo hehehe..

  10. well if you have to work, at least you have a beautiful view of the snow and a peep of sunshine coming into the that

  11. It has been freezing cold here too for t he past week! Finally, this weekend, (just like you), we have sunshine and some 'warmth'! Ahhh! It's only Jan. and we are already tired of the cold, oh, my. And, what lovely shadow shots you've given us today. It is funny that in your office in Stockholm the plants I see in your photo are a palm tree and an orchid!

  12. Oh, my dear! And what would you say about -37? That's how cold was here in November and December. Right now is a little warmer but not for long... (I live in the Yukon, Canada).

    You have a very lovely blog. I'm a new follower and a 'Grow Your Blog' participant. Have fun at the party!

    Evalina, This and that...

  13. Usch vad kallt! Bläää tur du är inomhus om dagarna iaf.. Ja man jagar den lilla sol som finns nu , jag vill oxå ha mer ljus och bli piggare och förhoppningsvis lite varmare! Många varma kramar till dej Chie!! =)

  14. Thank you for your comment, I was very sorry to hear about your difficult time. I don't understand why some people behave in the way that they do, but I hope this year brings better friendships and a lot of happiness for you.

    I love these pictures! Here in England it is so cold and grey and snowy so it was nice to see that you had some sunshine! I complained to my boyfriend that it was -1 here today, but he lives in Umeå where it was -23 so he didn't have much sympathy!

  15. Wonderful set of images. Little sunshine adds lot to them.

  16. many lovely shadows...your shadow tours are never a disappointment!!!


  17. Wow those are awesome pictures. very well taken have a nice your cold weather a lot.....Sujatha...:):):)

  18. Det ska bli skönt när vintern är över, jag
    är inte så förtjust i jättekallt väder heller.
    Och man blir trött av kylan, den stjäl energi
    från kroppen. Roligt och få följa med in på ditt
    jobb, ett fin arbetsplats.
    Ha det gott
    Varm kram


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