Mini-lunch Cocktail, the last post of year 2012

OMG!!! Now it's happening to ME!

Bye 2012 a great year although, at the end it was a black month for me and my family. But that's life. We must move on to the brighter side.

The Yuletide 2012 was a blessed one for us. D´Nics gathered together as one at D´Box and this was seldom when the kiddos live away from us. Thank you God for the love and blessings.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I am not really a "Me wish" type. When there is one, I accept them whole heartedly, but I can be without. The gifts I am wishing for was granted. GH surprised me inspite of? I got a new Samsung Ultrabook laptop as I am not a fan of Macbook or Ipad. I was heavenly happy until I starts to update things in my blogg. I just found out today that I lost all my "fave bloggie list". I was so hysteric because I couldn't find everyone. I linked some, but I am still looking around to all of you who are in my list.

Anyways, this post is the last post for TTT & TS of 2012
We always have had a lunch at D´Box as me and my family gather on NY Eve...

 Started with the chairs for another style (as if?)
 Damask tablecloth and a new pashmina shawl as runner 
 Sushi plates as chargers
 New purchased salad plates turn to a coctail plates
 Mini bowls can be use as tea candle holders but this time as dressing bowl
Cocktail forks  and silver knives are vintage
 Then I continue to purple motives. I used my liquer glass as salad bowl


 Centerpiece are crystal candleholders and 2 vases (I don't know the name of the flowers)

  Our New Year's table is soon done...

Salmon mousse in a feuilles de pate & shrimp cocktail with dressing

Simple Desserts:
Orient's Delight 
Mini-cupcakes are elevated to show the elegancy 

May the year 2013/year of the snake give us a peaceful & fruitful NY...
Tinkerbell is our guardian angel that is watching our tables...
God Bless Us All...

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16 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Chie, this is so beautiful, I love your tablescape. The centerpiece is wonderful with the flowrs and ribbon spirals. Gorgeous. Happy New Year. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


  2. Hi Chie what a way to welcome 2013.So beautiful.Everything looks gorgeous.Happy New Year to you and to your family.Love...sujatha...:):):)

  3. Chie, it's beautiful! Love the purples! And the pashmina as a runner was a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing your beautiful table.

  4. Oh lovely Chie! Your table for the new year is stunning, what a way to welcome the new year! I love the purples, I have nothing in this gorgeous color..umm, something to look for in 2013.You have such lovely accessories, the tinckerbell is adorable! Sorry I took long in coming by, but I'm sick in bed with a hurrible cold and caugh!! Best wishes and may 2013 bring you lots of happiness and good health.

  5. What a lovely tablescape for New Years!

    Happy New Year to you too.


  6. Oh this is a beautiful table! Very festive! I love the purple.

  7. I love how you tied the chairs with that sheer material, Chie, so creative of you. Your table looks magnificent, love the fuschia trays, so pretty. happy New Year!...Christine

  8. Love this table.. sooo gorgeous.. Should be in a magazine!!! The chair wraps are amazing. The colors are regal and majestic.. OOh i love this.. have the happiest of years ahead.. xo marlis

  9. Fantastiskt vackert dukat, så fint det var med
    lila. Och tyget du draperat över stolarna var
    som i en saga. Ser att du gjort en ny blogg-lista,
    det är besvärligt när saker bara försvinner så.
    Önskar dig ett riktigt gott 2013
    Varm kram

  10. Hi! Your table is beautiful! Love your idea to drape the chairs, so elegant. Also I love the elevated glass cloches to put a cupcake in! Very clever! Where do I find those!? Happy New Year!! Sunny

  11. Hello once again! I'm your newest follower! Sunny

  12. Oh I adore the purple! Your glasses are so pretty!

    May you have a lovely, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

  13. Vilken vacker dukning och god mat! Du får ha en riktigt god fortsättning på det nya året.


  14. Beautiful! Looks like a wonderful celebration. Thanks for sharing, liz

  15. I have absolutely no idea how I missed this beautiful post, Chie! I think I was on a post-Christmas blog break when you posted this. I'm glad to hear you got a great new Ultrabook, but so sorry to hear you lost a lot of your links and stuff! That's horrible!!! I would have been hysterical, too!!! I hope that by now you have been able to recover everything you lost. What a great purple theme here! I love what you did with the chairs! That really dresses them up nicely! I love your purple salad/cocktail plates! I have some chargers that exact same color and pattern!!! Cherry Kay over at "Entertaining Women" has them, too! So this is the year of the snake? Hmmm....I missed doing anything for Chinese New Year this year, so I wasn't aware. You did a wonderful job on this table! I hope 2013 turns out to be a fabulous year for you and your family!!!


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