Winter At D´Box on SSS2

A sad week for Us...

Hi Guys... welcome to my winterland...
  At the open porch... a subtle shot invite you
 Another subtle welcomes you all, just when you step in the entrance hall 
 Still at the entrance hall... a Christmassy nook... 
Right side of the entrance hall is a simple Christmas deco...
My Christmas blings lays on the stairs...
Isn't she adorable? My great Mamâ passed away Dec. 5, 2012, my 4th vigil day/night
Stairway to heaven, where Mamâ's way to join our Almighty Lord...

My week was not so productive as usual. But life must go on. Heartbreak into pieces
but I know dear Mamâ is not happy to see me sad... I MISS You so...

Have a great w/end my friends...
Pls visit the ladies behind our funtime....

18 kommentarer:

  1. the sadness will lessen. hugs to you!!

  2. I'm so sorry to read of the passing of your Mother and send you good thoughts! Robin is right, the sadness will lessen and the beautiful memories will remain. Sending hugs to you.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. There is a lot of snow there.

  4. The mood is somber, the passing of our elders means that we lose the past. Yet your mama lives in you, guiding you through life - her lessons in your mind but more importantly, your heart. Her goodness thus lives on...God's beauty, such as the snow, offers a pleasant distraction for only a moment. Then we grieve again...I miss my parents as they have gone and sadness remains but not as much over the years. I am sorry for your loss...

  5. Your mama was so blessed to have a daughter like you, who honors her in such a mighty way and loves her so. My mama has been gone ten years, and I still miss her. Every once in a while, I still pick up the phone to give her a call...then I remember. You and I are blessed to know where our mamas are, and for them, we'll be together again in the blink of an eye....because in heaven there is no time. Only here on Earth are we bound by time. I hope that yours is a gentle, sweet Christmas this year. Cherry Kay

  6. Beautiful wintry shadows!!! I don't mind snow in photos, but I'd much prefer living in the sub-tropics where winters are very mild. Enjoy the snow...make a snowman for Christmas to enhance your lovely indoor holiday decor.

    1. PS...I failed to mention that your loss is so sad...I've lost both my parents long ago and they're still missed, but I live in happiness with my memories of the good times.

  7. I'm sorry to read of your loss. It's a sad time for you but as the others said, cherish the good memories!

    Your home is decorated so beautifully. I'm glad you can't see mine.

  8. Beklagar sorgen Chie, så sorgligt.
    Skickar en stor adventskram till
    dig vännen.

  9. CC ... I am so sorry about your mother .. I just found out I lost my sister to colon cancer .. sadness is such an intense feeling .. but it is better not to hold it back right ? .. you have a beautiful little alter to honor your mother with : )
    I miss snow .. we haven't had any in two winters now .. I can't call us the Great White North with out it ?
    Best wishes to you CC .. loss takes time ..

  10. I am so sorry to hear of your loss-making he Holidays bittersweet, I'm sure.

    You decorate everything so well, though. Scrumptious!

  11. Wow sistah, kapal ng snow dyan ah. We haven't had any snow just yet.

    Sea Horse Shadow

  12. i'm sorry for your loss. she's in a better place now. such a great tribute to for your mom.

    it's my first time at shadow shot sunday.

  13. I'm sorry for your loss. As you said, life goes on. Hugs!

  14. Ang lamig na dyan sis. Dito ang init na kahit we are just entering our summer season.

    My condolence to you. May she rest in peace. Hugs

  15. Så sorgligt. Jag ger dig en stor kram.


  16. So sorry Chie! Know that we are sending prayers & thoughts your way :)

  17. So glad you stopped by my blog. I am feeling your pain. My deseased husband's birthday was dec 11. He has been gone for almost 10 years but you never get over it. You are right we must go on.Your post is elegant. I love it.Timewill softenit but remember the good times. Merry Christmas.


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