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An Orphan Now...

Yesterday 14/12-12 just a week b4 Christmas dear Mamâ travel in her final destination. RIP, Ma. Now, my new life starts being an orphan. Ma & Dad now have a great life together with our Creator. The end of the sorrows but the agonies will stay forever. 

Last night was our Christmas Dance Party. I was so down as it was Ma's burial but the Rector and my dance group cheered me up and brought me to laughter, palatable dishes and a glass of Moét. Ahhh... a non-drinker tried to hang up. It was a very enjoyable gathering I been for awhile. Such an amazing dance friends.  Thank You All, guys.... ♥ Soon, dance contest in The Czech Republic? LoL*

Here are the Highlights...

Emma, soon Mumma... but still hanging with us...
Learning some Salsa steps...
Dance Rector Mr. T (star of You think You can Dance?) and Cicci 

Do you love dancing? Come and join! It's fun and the same time a great work-out. Trust me.
It was proven and still proving... I had a wonderful evening.
I am linking to SSS2 the first meme I joined since 3 yrs ago.
Thank You for hosting ladies?...x0x0

13 kommentarer:

  1. These are times for a party to celebrate the holiday (and hopefully add a little cheer to your sorrow). The office dances and talks happily amongst themselves, the closeness of our friends a bit closer after such a fun night...take care and try to have a great week!

  2. Dancing and music stir happiness and peace in the spirit! Like a magic massage! Great photos!

  3. time spent with your friends in laughter and dance...your Ma would be proud of you!!

  4. This sure is great fun for all.

  5. It looks like a wonderful place. The shadows are the art.

  6. Tyckte väl att jag kände igen din danslärare,
    så roligt och lära sig såna danser. Och trevligt
    med en julfest.
    Önskar dig en fin adventssöndag
    Varm kram

    1. Han var Pernilla Walhgrens danspartner på Let's Dance...

  7. Det låter som en underbar julfest och fina bilder. Du får ha en skön kväll.

    Kramar från ett regnigt Skåne

  8. I'm so glad you went to the dance class; your sweet mother would have wanted you to! I am still sad for you, but only times cures the sadness and it's when you start to remember them with love and happiness. You look great mi amiga, dancing alñways makes us overjoy. I hope you have a happy C'mas with your beautiful family..that's what life is all about.

  9. Cancing is one of the best sports to be fit!
    Have a good week ahead!
    ps. my hubby's here... :)

  10. CC girl I am so glad you have these wonderful friends to lighten your heart .. your mom and dad would want you to be happy that they are together : ) It looks like you are and will have a wonderful time for a long while yet with these dancing friends!
    Enjoy : )

  11. My Dear Friend..haven't visited in a long are always on my mind..So sorry to read about your beloved mom..When you love someone so much, it is hard to have them leave this earth. I know it was very hard when my mom went to be with God, eight years ago. She use to write me little notes and I would stick them into many times I find one and read it..It gives me peace. Sending you love and blessings for a beautiful Christmas..Everything looks beautiful..Think of the joy your mom will have with your dad in heaven..God must put on a beautiful party for his Beloved Son..

  12. Oh, good Lord, Chie....I missed this post! Oh, my goodness! Chie...darling. I am SO sorry! I know your heart must be very heavy. I am SO glad you have loving friends around you to help bolster your spirits. I wish I could be there to give you a great big hug! Or maybe I could really help to lift your spirits if you saw me dancing. I CANNOT dance!!! :-) I look like a turkey caught in the wood chipper!!! Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for you to find peace. I am SO sorry I missed this post earlier!


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