First Advent In Swedish Tradition

Yesterday was the first Sunday b4 Christmas Eve...

My Swedish family always gathered at our place during first Sunday b4 Christmas. It became a tradition when me and my cousins and their families get bigger.  There is nothing special in this occasion. Families and friends gathered to mingle and chit-chat and of course with mulled wine and some goodies like, saffron buns, ginger cookies, sweets and more are the highlight. To make the story short, here was my shots...

Welcome to the Swedish Simple Life
Good food and good people, make us alive...
Just a simple gadgets that been recycled... in our foyér...

A very simple centerpiece in our coffee table...
My vintage mulled wine heater... I used in a non-alcohol mulled wine 
 Matches with the vintage cups as well as the mulled wine teaspoons
Another set for mulled wine with alcohol
Adding one more time to show you the teaspoon set... Very X´massy, huh
I served in the foyér so my family and friends feel warm when they come in
Baking at 02 a.m. so my guests can have fresh stuffs direct from my kitchen §;-)
 I baked a X´mas muffins. I modified with X´mas spices to feel the season 

X´mas fritters was modified from where I came from...
Pannacotta, ginger bread cheese cake and X´mas chocos...
 Saffron buns...
Then the mingling begins... so much laughter as always... 
 Here are the ladies of the family
 The baby of our family is Georgina...
 Good guys in our family  
The Advent candles... 

Hope I give you the eye-view of how Swedish celebrate the Christmas.

I am linking this to Lady Marty's meme..

BNOP ...

Head over to this gorgeous ladies, to get some tips for this coming X´mas settings.

God Bless Us All...

15 kommentarer:

  1. The mulled wine sets are wonderful!

    Beautiful family pictures, Chie!

  2. I love your advent candles! Beautiful. Thank you for visiting! :)

  3. The food looks delicious.I like the Christmas village, that is what I posted about today.

  4. Very beautiful. I food looks yummy. And best of all the togetherness of friends and family. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  5. I love your "wine" bar! So very festive and creative. I like the two sets idea very much, and the warmers to keep it hot.
    The goodies look so yummy, too. I would have to sneek off with that tray of chocolate ones!
    What a beautiful and happy family!

  6. Du har en stor härlig familj, och det var
    en mycket snygg kock i köket. Fina glöggserviser
    har du också, och så mycket gott till glöggen.
    Här har vi jättelite snö, men det ska snöa
    imorgon. Jag gillar inte vinter, idag minus 17!!

  7. Oh how fun to be able to celebrate Advent and mingle with friends, Chie. You are a perfect hostess amd your home is so warm and so beautifully decorated. I would love to be a guest there. Too bad I did not know you yet when we went to Stockholm....Christine

    1. Ate Xine,
      Stockholm stays and I would love to meet you this one beautiful day. Whether here in Europe or in The US.

      So nice to know you.


  8. Long time no see... :)
    Mysigt adventsfirande, my friend! Gott med glögg - har likadana röda glöggskedar :) Här har vi haft det varmt, varmt... det hotades om +39°c igår, men det blev inte varmare än +37,6°c. Kram från Australien♥ ~Pernilla

  9. Thank you for visiting. Your festive event is wonderful! I really like the cups with the swizzle sticks, and the cookies look wonderful! ~Zuni

  10. Your home looks so festive and inviting! I love your bird nest tucked inside the glass. So many wonderful treats.

  11. It looks amazing and like a lot of fun :)

  12. I love all the red in the cups and bowls and all your sweets look amazing. Joni

  13. Wow!! First of all you look so cute baking!! And all of your treats look delicious!! You have made your guests a wonderful festive event!

  14. Oh my goodness linda chica, I'm loving this gathering and I do want to be there, enjoying all those cookies, your beautiful decorations and your friendship! Beautiful Advent celebration!I specially love the red mulle wine is wow! I'm finally back from blogging's leave of absence, as I had lots of busy life latelly, with family issues, now resolved, thank goodness! Lots of hugs sweet friend. Enjoy your holiday season!


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