Strolling and Learning In Beijing

I am in Beijing... For a short stopped and it's was an exciting time. 

Bits & Pieces...
I am in the air...
Real China ceramic vases from Old China days...
 The Tea House...

Tea Adventure...

I asked for the Oolong tea but the shop owner said, Oolong teas is not a long lasting tea. Do you know about that? As an Asian, I supposed to know this, right? So, she recommended me to try the PUR ER Tea. According to her, the PUR ER Teas is like a red wine. The longer you keep, the longer tea becomes,"but"--- she continues... "you must keep the tea in a clean no smell container. Tea leaves absorb smell, so you must not leave in the kitchen for e.g. where there is strong smell when you cook."

When you brew tea, the first round of tea after you add water, you must throw it away. Then you have to add boiled water again. This time after 2-3 minutes, you pour out the tea to drink. She added: "you MUST NOT leave the tea leaves, to soak in the water. If you soak the tea leaves too long and drank the tea? you will get a gastric pains." She mentioned too: that is a misconception of million tea drinkers.

 I am loving the Pagaodas...
Greetings from Beijing... LOVELIES---

 Well, this is my short share today, Ladies & hope to see you in The Philippines, soon.

GOD BLESS YÁLL...Who join BNOP for her Tablescaping meme---

9 kommentarer:

  1. Så roligt med en hälsning från Kina,
    vilka äventyr du är ute på. Att dricka
    thé är en konst, där har man mycket och lära.
    Kramar och ha det bra

  2. Thanks for sharing! Soooo exotic!!

  3. Very interesting post!! There is so much to learn about making "good" tea. Thanks for sharing.

    Jocelyn @

  4. Vilka underbara bilder. Jag hoppas du har det bra.


  5. OOH love that you shared this with us.. Perfect tips for those who don't know. I love the pretty cups and the tea house! Have fun and be safe.. xo marlis

  6. I love tea in the colder months so I appreciate the information about how to brew it. I wonder if we can find the PUR ER tea in the states? Wow Beijing! Seems so exciting to me. Thanks for your visit and kind comments. Dianne

  7. Oh I'm drooling over your trip to Beijing, dear Chie!! With tips and all. I always wanted to go to China and you won me over! I love the tea mugs with lids and the colors are great. Me, I've always been crazy for Oriental things...and people too. So beautiful. Have a great trip and weekend.

  8. Hi, Chie! It is SO COOL that you are traveling like this!!! I hope you're having a really good time. I can't wait to see your photos from the Phillipines! These photos are beautiful of the pagodas and all those colorful tea cups!!! I just know there is so much to see and do where you are...I'm jealous! :-) Be careful, have fun, and keep in touch!!!!!!!


  9. Lovely photos of Beijing.Tea house roof and the tea kettle looks beautiful.thank you for the share.have a wonderful holidays....sujatha.


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