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Time goes too fast, when you are enjoying, right? It's exactly a month since I left Stockholm. Posted once when I was in Beijing and nothing much from The Philippines. 

This quick visit was, to be honest was that my dear old Mama is not feeling well. It was a heartbreaking to see a dear one melting away. My heart stopped seeing her. The last time I met her was 2 yrs ago and she changed a lot from a cute old lady to a skeleton §:-( and the area I came from was the most dangerous area in Mindanao. I grew up in a warzone and I used running away from the bullets. However, this time? I can't imagine running in middle of the night? I was too nervous--- specially when we heard gunshots. It is still a big issue "war between the Islamic rebels vs. the Military". Pls. keep praying for The Philippines peace.

ANYWAYS... here are some shots to share...
Waiting for our flight bound to Manila.. 
Watching the largest plane, a double decker... (see the windows)
MOTH was a bit restless... running back & forth (he don't like flying)
Empty & quiet!
After 4 hrs from Beijing to Manila, a hotel transfer met us...TY Kuya Jerry for a good ride.
A good driver and a tourist guide. He updated my knowleged about what's going on in The Philippines. In my days, I was the one who relate to the tourists as I graduated as a Bachelor of Tourism Management. Days & life change. We stayed 2 nights in Manila b4 heading to Davao City where my house is...
OMG! This was the view that met us outside... flooding all over Metro Manila.
Arrived at Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao City
View from our veranda...
 Never ending food...
Filipino smile. Stephen, our young chef enjoyed MOTH's company. Thanks, young man?
We stayed a couple days in Waterfront Insular HOtel, just to unwind. Jetlag & I just want to get ready what to tackle when visiting the warzone & the hard life. This place is a great place to relax and we both worth it.
Then... we moved to our place... meeting  with my siblings---
Imagine? The first thing we saw was this tricycle? §:-) Funny!
Big brother & his wife with his son & wife. Bro Lean is a columnist/cartoonist as well as my nephew. My bro is based in Canada. We met this time to visit our Mama
MOTH had a hot chat (OMG) with my son, a seaman... 
Making fun with our grand daughter Kwyncy...
Then, we went for a ride to check around & about...
Ha! Dare to ride? A local transportation... in my days, this kind doesn't exist---
Another OMG --- a normal sight of our locals. This truck is heading to a goldmine area...
Sightseeing around and suddenly, I saw this... do you know what is this?
Well, if not? This is an oven to make a native rice cake called "Bibingka" a famous delicacy
This is the bibingka (rice cake)... Christine at Christine's Home & Travel surely drool too §.-)
Ah!!! MOTH absolutely drools. With his bell? He loved it...
No MIKASA where I originally came from. However, we survived with a wrecker plate cover ed with banana leaf. Smells good and very exotic, don't you think?
Native BBQ... who can resist?

Well, dear Ladies, I guess, this is for today. A quick look of my adventure.
Till next issue... Keep reading to see the difference of my life in Europe & Philippines.
An exciting experience of a "Girl from Nowhere"...

GOD bless & SEE YOU again...

I am joining META-MONDAY...
You tell me if this is qualified post. A good life in EU
switched to a middle class life in the city to a hard life
in a little town with so much trouble.
Thank you Susan for hosting...

10 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Chie, this is so intersting and I am so happy you got to visit with family and your mom. Sorry to hear that she is not well. Take care and thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh it's always so lovely to be home and visit family and specially visiting your dear mama. Sorry she's not well, hope she's better by now sweetie! Seems like you had an awesome trip, wow! Your family is so nice and I can see all the love within each other, along with your son and adorable g'girl, like her grandma! I bet the little one was so happy to be with you and you with her, mi amiga querida. Welcome back and I missed you a lot. Have a wonderful week. Awaiting more photos of the trip. xoxo

  3. This reading just brought me back 4 years.... Sooo many good memories from our time in the Philippines!!

  4. I was definitely drooling over the bibingka and barbecue. yum" Welcome back home, Chie. Am glad you are safe. So sorry about your mom. I hope she gets better.your apo is so cute!...Christine

  5. Välkommen hem Chie, du har gjort en lång resa.
    Lessamt och höra om din mamma, förstår att det känns
    tungt och ha henne på andra sidan jordklotet. Men
    roligt och träffa din bror med familj, ni bor inte
    direkt grannar. Förstår att du missat hösten här, hoppas
    vintern dröjer så du får lite höstkänsla också.
    Och det är så intressant och se alla dina bilder.
    Stor kram

  6. Har nog inte sagt det innan , men Välkommen hem igen.. Men förstår det måste ändå kännas bitterljuvt, så långt till slä jag tänker så när jag inte träffar min syster på länge , man får vara glad när man träffas och ta vara på tiden då och leva på det sen , det gör jag så det gör ont ibland...Härligt verkar ni haft det iaf och det är huvudsaken!Kram kram =)

  7. I am sorry to hear about your mother, Chie.

    Such an interesting post! The photos are amazing and the food looks wonderful.

  8. Oh, Chie...I am so sorry to hear that your Mom is not doing well. Two years can make quite a difference sometimes. I know that she must have been very happy to see all of you! I hope she is able to feel better. Yikes! I was looking at that picture of the flooding in the streets of Manila and thinking that must be what the people on the east coast of the U.S.A. are experiencing now in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. That's a frightening sight to see all that rushing water!!! That looks almost like a creek! I wasn't aware of the continued fighting there between the Islamic rebels and the military. That must be really, really scary! I'm so glad you guys were able to make it safely to a relaxing place to unwind. What a beautiful hotel!!! That BBQ!!!!!!!!! I think it looks really cool served up on those big ol' banana leaves! I can only imagine how good it must have tasted! I am SO hungry right now, and looking at that only makes me hungrier!!! Are those rice cakes kind of sweet or are they just rice? I don't think I've ever seen those before. It would be fun to travel to different countries and just taste all the different foods! Tell your husband I don't like to fly, either. I get very nervous and sweat a lot! :-) I'm glad you're back home safe & sound!!! Have a beautiful weekend!


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