TTT join on a Chilly SSS2

Sounds I am Giving-Up?

Yeah!!! Mid-month of September, with a 9 degrees Celsius, sunny and windy? Absolutely, chilly. So, typical, I had started my activities and what I got? I  was at home the whole week as I got an early FLU §:-(

Well, well...after a week being lazy, just hoping cough and colds won't stay longer, though? I need to mobilize b4 heading to The Philippines on 30th Sept. and back the 24th Oct. and both me and MOTH can't wait to be there. Hope sunny and hot days awaits us *giggles

As you can see, I am just around and about home. I feel being lazy and I guess, I am loving it! Hope Lady Marty, allow my TTT things for this week's PARTY...


Hailed yesterday... Sept 8, 2012
I always lit  essence candles b4 I go to bed to make D´Box cozy with a nice aroma
This what met me this morning in our foyér... Good Morning my precious World!
Just giving you a clue how our lil foyér/hall look like §:-)
When I passed by the family lounge, this awaits me and gave me a cute wink too?
My lunch... a quiet Asian way.

That's it my lovely people of my SHADOWLANDIA
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22 kommentarer:

  1. hope you get good weather - we've had a few days of late summer but it is all due to change again tomorrow - c'est la vie

  2. Absolutely gorgeous colors in your home!! The 'hot pink and the contrasting, rich lime green' along with the warm glow of the flooring! I do hope once you get to your Philippines that you will be feeling better and have tropical climate.

  3. Wonderful shots of our place. Last shot is too good.

  4. Så ljus fin hall, och du har så vackert
    möblerat överallt. Kommer bli skönt för er
    med värmen på Filipinerna, och att hälsa på
    din mamma.

  5. Så vackert du har i ditt hem. Vad mysigt att ni ska åka iväg och du får krya på dig.


  6. feel better...what a lovely home you have!!!!

  7. I love 'coming in to the interior of your home! It is so nicely done and the color palette is vibrant, yet restrained!
    And, brrrrr!!! 9 degrees Celsius is cold in my book!

  8. I lve the colors of our chairs, Chie. You have a beautiful home, so glamorous. enjoy your trip to the Philippines....Christine

  9. Thanks again - it's always nice to visit your home! :)
    You're escaping too, Philippines, and me to Malaga - both better than Nordic autumn....brrrr...
    Have a good and healthy week!

  10. CC you have the most beautifully decorated home girl : )
    I love your style .. and lighting aroma candles before bed time is a perfect idea .. I will borrow that from you if you don't mind ? LOL
    Have a wonderful time back home with MOTH and really unwind and enjoy yourselves !
    Joy : )

  11. Such a delight to look at your post sistah!

    Come and see the shadows of Wild Berries.

  12. Oh Chie, I always love to visit your home. You have such a lovely place and the colors are fantastic. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. You take the most fabulous shots of your lovely home amiga linda! I love the rose color chairs and every beautiful vignette, specially the cloche. Can't wait to see pics from your country, I bet your trip is going to be awesome. I missed you. Have fun!


  14. Hi
    your sweet home looks very pretty.nice colour combination around the house.have a great trip...:):)

  15. Chie, I LOVE your hot pink chairs! Thanks for stopping by today. I'm glad you liked my caramel and cream color scheme. I, too, think it would be beautiful year-round! I hope you feel better quickly so you can travel.

  16. I am loving those hot pink chairs, they are gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. Hi, Chie!!!! Oh, how I want those hot pink upholstered chairs!!!!!!!! Those are SO COOL!!! I would love to come home to a fabulous shot of color like that! I like the window in your front door. I would love to have a door like that, but Ramon is so weird...he thinks people will look in. Why would they look in? Nothin' to see here! :-) So when you come into your house and go a little ways down the foyer, you then step up into the living that right? I'm just trying to feel my way though your lovely home! At the end of the foyer on the bottom shelf of the white credenza, what is that black box? Is that a stereo speaker? I'm always so curious about people's homes. I love going on tours of homes!!! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, and I hope you are better soon so that you can enjoy your trip. Take care of yourself and have a good time!!!

  18. I can't believe it's so cold already in Stockholm...that's the kind of weather we had around here for a month, but now, it's sunny and like spring, very pretty. I'm visiting my daughter for her birthday here in Quito and it's lovely too. Hope you come by, I really miss you. Hope you are not mad at me? When are you going to the Philippines? Have a great weekend.

  19. OOh that is cold!!! We had a very cool day today too. but not like that. Your home is so pretty. I love the colors! Your lunch.. well that is right up my alley.
    Get well my friend.. xo marlis

  20. Such a beautiful home Chie. I enjoyed seeing these photos so much. I love those pink chairs!

    We are having cooler days here in Missouri too. I am enjoying Fall weather.


  21. HI Chie....nice to hear from you.....i can feel the chillness here...lot of down pours here at night.festivals start in the coming weeks....going to be lot work around the have a home sweet home...take sujatha.


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