Dreary Day on my TTT day

Does blue means to you?

Yeah... first of all,  thank you so much for all your wishes to MOTH on his 50th bday. We had a great evening, thanks it wasn't raining. Weather really plays it cool in everything on WHAT human being do. Thank you Lord.

I thought, my body is not stressing out. Do you know what I get? An early FLU, my dear ladies? It is so typical... I started my dance classes, my work-out classes and my runs and after just a week, I got this. Hopefully, it goes away very soon. Not happy for this but happy to stay cool, in any ways.

Secondly, I got a message this p.m. that one of my classmate in high-school  passed away this morning. I suppose to meet him and his family when I visit our province in the Philippines in 2nd week of October. So pity and sad. After so many years we never seen each other after graduation/happy years in high school."May you rest in peace classmate".

 I started with my everyday use flatwares
 Simple centerpiece. Pearls is always the fave blings in my settings
 Vases was a present from a neighbour when we moved in in our house now
 Viewing my sad settings...
 Teapot is really cute. Just got this recently
 Iittalla whisky glass use for a drinking glass
 A big decanter but you can use as vase too... courtesy of my cousin's family
 Dessert bowl & tapas fork... I am desperately looking for blue napkins but to no avail.
I found this luxury paper napkins that fits of today's settings. Hope it's OK
 IB Laursen a danish designer... Love his work
  Tea set and this is a fave of D´Box from Dalani
 Top server is adorn with some blue blings... 
 Bubble wine glass is also Dalani
One of my newest toy a bday gift from a cousin... they know my weekness §;-) 

 Just a glimpe...

My friends saw this photos I posted in FB, asked and wonder why my settings today isn't as blooming as I used to set? I was really amazed of their comments. A cousin asked me, if I am not feeling well or something's happen? Then, I realized that I am not feeling well and I am sad due to what happened of my childhood friend.

Our feeling really shows in our doings without thinking of it, right? I don't even realized while working? When I browse my work, I now see the difference when I am in a top form. So, bare with me again this time, Sweet ladies. Just enjoy and hope you all have GREAT weekdays to come.

 HAPPY TTT to All...
Enjoy your TS


14 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg liker alle tingene du viser her!!

  2. I think I will be happy and not sad sitting at this table. I love the blue color. Hope you feel better, Chie. Sorry about your classmate...Christine

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    I'm so sorry for your lose. AND that you are not feeling so well! I LOVE the blues that you've combined on your beautiful table. It's a "cool summer" blues... My favorite for summer, and also for winter...
    You'll be in my prayers so you feel your sweet self VERY SOON...
    Happy Birthday to you Hubby,
    Big Hugs,

  4. Vilket fint kalas ni hade för din man, såg
    så gott ut med all maten. Inte bra att du blivit
    sjuk, du har haft alldeles för mycket och göra.
    Och oron för din mamma, hoppas både hon och du
    kryar på er.
    Stor kram

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.
    Your table is so pretty and the blue is just stunning! Oh, I wish you'd send some of your rain my way! Thank you so much for popping in to see me and I love your header with you lounging! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. Oh honey, I'm sorry you were so sick, goodness, take care cause winter is coming soon!! Everything in your aqua is gorgeous, every piece is lovely. I love the way you wrapped the pedestal and cloche. The teapot and cups are just gorgeous, along with the heart shape bowl. Thanks for dropping by honey pie. Take care!

  7. Chie, so sorry to hear about your friend and you having the flu. Hope you feel better soon. You created such a beautiful and elegant blue tablescape. I love it. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. You did a fabulous job with your tablescape even though you were not feeling well. The blue is very beautiful and looks so peaceful. I am so very sorry about the passing of your friend. I know that must make you sad. Take care of yourself and feel better soon!!-------- Shannon

  9. How SAD for you to receive news of your friend passing away. Your blues are so lovely and you made a lovely tablescape and vignette. Take care…….

    The French Hutch

  10. So sorry about your sad news. Your table is lovely. The colors are so refreshing and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

    Jocelyn @

  11. I came back to visit you because I've missed you! How are you linda muchachita? Hope all is well. How sad for you not to be able to see your friend from High School, this Oct. back at the Phillippines. I hope people are safe from hard rain latelly too. All your blues are beautiful. The teapot is got me swooning! Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your childhood friend. I love your blue glassware and your pearls. Sometimes it's the low points in our lives that make us really appreciate the high points.

  13. What a lovely tablescape even though you were not feeling well. That color blue is very cheery and looks so tranquil. I am so very sorry about the passing of your friend. I hope you feel better soon.

  14. I'm sad that you didn't get an opportunity to say goodbye to your friend. That makes it harder, I think. Your blue table is lovely. I love the teapot and especially the large blue vase/decanter...and of course pearls are always appropriate for a lady in in situation! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Hope that you feel better by now. Cherry Kay


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