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Table Top Tuesday and Tablescaping...
A great time to start my week!

My participation this week is inside home, as our weather gets more colder and more rough. Soon, I will be visiting my promise land and the neighbouring countries (hope we have a longer holidays). 

Yes, this might be the last post at D´Box (be back, last week of Oct) as I am leaving to visit my old dear Mum and my family in The Philippines. This trip is a present for MOTH on his 50th bday recently. We both need an R&R or a 4x honeymoon §:-) now that we don't drag kids with us. First time to travel without them. Crazy feelings, huh?

Anyways, I am preparing the table for 4 eventhough, I know that kiddos are out and are living by their own. I am just thinking and feeling if I set for 2? What if both kiddos will pop up for lunch? Or sometime, as a mother, it is normal to serve 4 to gather the family in a blessed table, right?

Our Table @ D´Box
Recycling my plates... I found they're fit with my theme 2d

Wine glasses are very inexpensive from Åhlens while drinking glasses from IKEA

Whimsical pearl candle holders are from Chili

New salad set...loving this

I found this flatwares in our Dollar Store... fit with the motives

Just showing some of the gadgets around. Not flashy but I love the simplicity
Very pretty, I guess?
Wine glasses are from local store Åhlens. Largest vase was a more 20 yrs old...
BTW... you don't often see my centerpiece a faux flowers, right? §:-)
Tea box was a bday present from a lovely cousin... they know my weaknesses...
I elevated the teapot, so we can see her beauty
For more whimsical feelings, I added my silver finial... simple

 Our Salmon Luxuriate (my own creation of recipe). Under the smoke salmon
I mix cream cheese, garlic, chives & basil to brighten the taste §:-)
 Rhurbarb with cream (lactose free) as I am allergic to it.

Table is still untouched after lunch. Probably, waiting for dinner? 

Sometimes, I wished I have time to just do some of my hobbies like tablescapings, cooking and do all my unforgotten hobbies i.e. sewing, crocheting and all those crafty thingy. Just be a "home-y as ever". Hopefully, I get a year leave from work and study "Interior Design/party broker" or something. Isn't it a cool thing? Ahhh... dream about it, baby? murmured someone at my back §;-)

Hope you have had a great week-end, gorgeous ladies of Blogilandia... and continue a blissful week, YÁll.

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Thank you both ladies, for hosting this party. Thank you too, for coming and visit me in Stockholm. I really appreciate it. Not many host do visit their players. So, keep up your good work.
See You Next Time in The Philippines...

Last lunch on the backyard b4 the Fall Come

Yes! Though I am NOT ready for Fall...

Whether I like it or Not, Fall will come on her time. Today is really a great day with sunshine and really warm. A bit windy but I can't complain.

So, MOTH grabbed the extra table and said "There You Go? You can play whenever you are ready" Isn't he adorable? I was really speechless! I was in a hurry to think for a FALL-Y theme. I don't have that much things in every season? I dug the boxes where I have the curtains and tableclothes hidden in a cubby house. Voilá!!!

A very simple centerpiece. Bunch of roses in ice bucket. The colours are perfect for fall
 This are pillow cases that are not use as I bought more than what I needed...
I sew 4 of them to thicker and made them as my placemats. Perfect, seems it?
Victoria bowls for ice cream or fruit salad....
Dinner plates Höganäs stonegoods and flatwares are from Indiska..
Salt & Pepper mills are a 24 yrs old, first mills I'd purchased
Greek honey from Island of Crete stand in a Japanese clay bowl...
For latte mugs & spoons are from old DUKA now Cervera & glasses are IKEA
Milk jug is also Höganäs stonegoods & sugar bowl is IbLaursen
I hung a kashmere shawl in every chair as it is windy today.
The paisley pattern tablecloth was a very old one that was hidden for decades


That's all for now beautiful ladies on Bloglandia!!! Hope you're enjoying at the backyard lunch at D´Box.

We enjoyed the last days of sunny days and chillax to the max. Hope you had a great week-end and a very blessed week to come.

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Happy SSS2 to YÁll players...

Sunny Week-End At The Backyard On SSS2

Another week-end had come, another SSS2 to play

Hope you all have had a great week-end. Swedes are happy when the sun shine on them as well as my backyard. 

I am feeling better as well as MOTH. We both enjoying in the backyard this morning. It seems the fall is knocking our doors now. Sunny day but it is chilly.

We were moving the garden furnitures under the open porch and wrapped them in a tarpaulin, keeping them in tack and fresh for the next summer to come. While picking up some tomatoes, I realized that I haven't taken any shots for today's meme due to lack of sunshine the whole week. But not today?


 2 salad plants left... picked them up for my lunch... YUMMM
2 kinds of parsley are still growing healthy. I'd picked them up too and freeze them... 
Healthy tomatoes and rhubarb fell down due to a windy day yesterday...
Not a good year of apples (at least ours) but have enough, though?
Plump tree is adorn with some blings, bird's bath is empty and my deco bike soon hidden

Well, this is all for now good folks of my SHADOWLANDIA... a short and concise day at the backyard. Hope you're all in the best of everything while we all having our SSS2 Tour this week-end again.

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TTT join on a Chilly SSS2

Sounds I am Giving-Up?

Yeah!!! Mid-month of September, with a 9 degrees Celsius, sunny and windy? Absolutely, chilly. So, typical, I had started my activities and what I got? I  was at home the whole week as I got an early FLU §:-(

Well, well...after a week being lazy, just hoping cough and colds won't stay longer, though? I need to mobilize b4 heading to The Philippines on 30th Sept. and back the 24th Oct. and both me and MOTH can't wait to be there. Hope sunny and hot days awaits us *giggles

As you can see, I am just around and about home. I feel being lazy and I guess, I am loving it! Hope Lady Marty, allow my TTT things for this week's PARTY...


Hailed yesterday... Sept 8, 2012
I always lit  essence candles b4 I go to bed to make D´Box cozy with a nice aroma
This what met me this morning in our foyér... Good Morning my precious World!
Just giving you a clue how our lil foyér/hall look like §:-)
When I passed by the family lounge, this awaits me and gave me a cute wink too?
My lunch... a quiet Asian way.

That's it my lovely people of my SHADOWLANDIA
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