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It's unbelievable, Time goes so quickly!!!
Pls look around if your looking for some SSS...

Summer soon come to an end. Although, this year, summer is not the summer we used to experienced and autumn? I feel it's just around the corner. 

Anyways, it was awhile I been posting. So, now, I just want to let you know that, "I am still going strong, in the other side of the universe, §;.)...

I guess, I don't have much outcome of my stressy days? Working, planning for the 50th bday of MOTH, stressed that the weather will be pissy on this day, planned for my 3rd time abroad  this year and this time is in the Philippines. Do you think, burning out myself, is knocking my back? Well, hopefully not, everything is under control.

Now an UPDATE...Garden Party
Welcome to D´Box... our simple entrance (still planning to pamper this area)
This stairs will be my exercise during the gathering... OMG!
Still bare...Sunny day but forcasted rain shower at 4pm (starts for the party)
See the extra foundation? It's windy too? Chilly...

Whatever weather today... (25th)

This are the starters (not the ladies §:-)--- parma ham w/ ricotta fillings, noodles, hotdogs
Welcome drink... strawberry wine & soda...
Crayfish time... Swedish tradition during summer/August

The highlight of the evening. Fresh Swedish crayfish & different kinds of cheese pies
And crayfish bread
 The cook master and the waitress the whole evening... but very contented

Happy or NOT faces
 Dessert... my own baked cakes & brownies was Lil Missy's
Good friend who is the head of flight attendant of United Airlines
The Golden boy...

Some of his pressies... OMG! he's nervous for my projects...
Happy posed even it was an exhausted day...

Cos were freezing but happy in the middle of the night
Ha ha... what ya think he's whispering? TY LOTH... for a great job done!
Happy Bday, MOTH... OMG... look at the time?

Sorry for a long post. This celebration is an informal gathering for our yearly tradition. This is mean to be, Not wearing a coat and tie §:-) 

Don't forget to head over to Lady Marty's party...
Pls press her logo to visit her directly...

Thanks for coming. GB us All...

9 kommentarer:

  1. Oh you always have the most fun parties. I love it. So much fun and all the food looks amazing. Your desserts look sooooooooooooooo good. Wow. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. You really put on a major party! WOW- so much work involved to the outdoor events!

    I have never had crayfish though my husband likes them.

    So I gather your rain held off?

    I am glad your party went so well. Congrats!


  3. Hi...... lovely out door party .hope you had a fab time.everything looks delicious.nice setting.love your lawn.thx for sharing and you look cute.sujatha:):):)

  4. It must be a very happy 50th - for him! A miter saw and a lawn mower? Guy goods for sure! The party had a tent in case it rained, and happily it did not...the crayfish are amazing and big, over here we would have to go to Louisiana for this treat - and the bread, it looks like an aardvark or other cool animal. The preparations were complete and a good time was had by all!

  5. Now that looks like a FUN, DELICIOUS Shadow Shot Sunday!!! A very Happy 50th Birthday for him indeed! Thanks for sharing the fun!!

  6. Love the tent style! A great wrap around for the party table! And the food is so beautifully presented! Looks like a very happy event!

  7. Oh my gosh sistah, ba't di mo ko inimbita lol. Love love the setting and the food looks delish!

    End of Summer Shadows.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  8. Oh, you're real party animal! :)
    Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    Yummy, yummy...looks so yummy! I'm sure the food was good and cakes...amazing!
    Isn't it terrible, autumn is here. I'm so happy to get out of here for three months - soon I head to Malaga, Spain to study Spanish! Can't wait!!! :)


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