Archiving on My SSS2...

Amazingly unusual, ain't it?

To those who know me by now, I always had a parade of shots, everytime I join SSS1 or SSS2. Unfortunately, this time, time goes so quickly. I didn't realized that it's time to party and I don't have any new photos taken...

Anyhow, I been digging my archive and we'll let see if there's worth browsing!
Taken yesterday on our coffee bar at work...
Preparing for a lemoncurd
Ongoing project is a decoupage cakestand... brilliant!
Seems it's Christmas here... TY MOTH for my new toys... 
OMG!!! Michael Angelo is broken. I purchased him in Vatican §:-(
Chillax time after seeing what happened to Michael... heartbreaking "sniff"
 Now I am planning MOTH's 50th bday party on Saturday 25th...

Well, that's it, precious pepz on my Shadowlandia??? I done with archiving and it's kinda cool. It bring back the memories...

Hope you all have a wonderful week-end and ENJOY the best of the last sunny days if you have and to those who don't have, like me? Cheer UP!!! Better LUCK next summer. Keep your fingers X for me on the 25th when MOTH have his crayfish party, as it was forecasted that rain is coming the whole week. 

Pls head over to our SSS2 fairies... if you want to see all the participants.
God Bless Us All...

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  1. Sorry about Michael Aneglo, he WAS CUTE!! Wow, planning hub's birthday party..and a milestone! Can't wait to see what you do!! I see you got pretty new toys too, lovely Chie. Have a great Sunday.

  2. I've had to do much diving in the archives for photos lately! Barely a glimmer of sunshine in my world! But I have tried to match the current time frame with last year so the photos line up with the season! Last year's end of Winter had so much sun! Sighh.....Your Michaelangelo is in a sad state, but he looks rescuable... a clean break! And I adore your shadowy coffee nook at your workplace! Beautifully designed!

  3. Archives are perfectly fine - I have resorted to the 1500 or so old scanned photo prints and older digital views for many a meme post. And why not? The memory of when and why the picture was taken is always important, so why not use them! I love freshly squeezed lemon, nothing in a bottle can be used for lemon chicken and such..and don't worry about the statue - a little glue brings him back to life...have a great week!

  4. Uh-oh, bakit mo binali? Hehehe Am sure it's fixable.

    Shadow shot
    Your comment is always a treat for me!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Här mås det bra, fast lite lätt jobbångest eftersom
    jag börjar jobba imorgon. Fast jag har ett roligt jobb
    så det kommer rulla på bara första dagen är gjord.
    Så gott med egen lemon curd och hoppas du lagat din
    fina figurin. Här har det småregnat idag, hoppas ni har
    bättre väder.
    Kram till dig vännen

  6. are no party pooper this weekend ~ with the wealth of photos you take you can join the fun in an instant :) Love all of your shadows...but oh...poor statue :( we just hate it when that happens!! Enjoy planning the party for this Saturday ~ I'm sure we'll get pictures of it! (hoping!!)

  7. CC girl !
    You have made me smile BIG time and giggle .. you are too funny and I enjoy that so much. It amazes me how many different things you accomplish girl ! I'm sorry about Michael .. but cheer up!
    It could always be worse ? .. so you are planning a big birthday bash for MOTH ? and rain is threatening ? darn ! .. we have sun and you have rain which we NEED .. so I will try to switch with you on that day and we both can have what we want ;-)
    Many happy returns for the birthday and good luck with the party !
    PS .. I almost forgot to say great shadows and I had a wonderful "party" at your place, thank you!!

  8. Fina bilder. Vad tråkigt att M har brutit benet. Du får använda superlim. Ha en fortsatt fin söndag.


  9. Wonderful shots, very different.

  10. Hi, Chie! I was absent from blogland last week. I was so busy getting ready for my stepdaughter's birthday party!!! Now that is over and we are out of town again for Ramon's work. I finally have time to sit down and catch up on all the posts I missed. I am SO sorry about Michelangelo!!! And you got him while visiting the Vatican? I am SO, so sorry!!! I hope your planning for the party on the 25th is going well!!!!!

  11. great series of shots...and so much going on!!! have a happy week ahead!!!!


  12. HI Chie........sad to see David (Michel'o)that way.liked your blue glass ware.kettle in the light looks someone as said you must be a funny girl and you's a greatest gift one can possess.....TC.happy planning for the party.your comments make me cheerful and i look forward for it.:):)

  13. Fantastic shadow shots. Love the blue glass shadows

  14. Hejsan
    Tittar runt lite, Är så långt mellan gångerna vi hörs nu mera. Men du finns i mina tankar. kram från Jämtland

  15. How are you, my dear friend? I haven't been blogging and visiting much..but I do miss all my friends. Your blog is wonderful, as usual. Hope all is well with you and your family..
    Have a wonderful day..xoxoRosebud/Carolyn


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