TY... I am joining with You!!!

Yeah, skipped the last week SSS2 party §:-( It was just a hilarious week and I forgot to take some shots to share. So, today, I didn't mind if we have a so- so weather. Summer 2012 in Swedish is the wettest summer for 150 years. 

On my part, I complain a lil but I do realized that when Mother Nature decide, no one can change Her decision. The thing we do is just play with Her music. I just let shine in my own way and I been enjoying whether it's raining or shining.

Today, I been out for a quick walk and of course ended somewhere where MOTH don't like to visit (shopping area *wink (*_*)

Another subtle from our bedroom...
 I lit an aroma tea candle to welcome a blissful week-end
 My baker said "Howdy LOTH" I am joining you again §;-)
 Other side of my kitchen top... left behind from Lil Missy
 When I open the door... WoW! sunny day?
As soon, I stepped out strawberry, greeted me "G´day Mate?
 Isn't draggie a beauty? He wanna join my party too?

The B4 and After shots!!!
Do you think MOTH is a great handyman? Project is 95% finito. Bless U GH...
While I was in the city, on the way to...
Sunny, windy and a lil chilly... Crazy weather
 Ended to the youngest of my family Georgina... 5 yrs bday...
Well, this is the actual weather when I am on the way home.
D`Box is just behind the shop...

Well, lovely Shadowlandia, this is the actual activity of yours truly. Funny when the sun plays with me. A minute is amazingly sunny, then after a minute it changes to windy that seems everything will be blown away and after awhile, cloudy? Ha! Just enjoy my Shadowlandia, World? 
Hope you have had a great week-end and another blessed week to come. 

Linking to the 3Marias who are hosting the meme after Hey Harriet...
GB  to all...

10 kommentarer:

  1. Så fint det blev med trappan, och jättefint med
    alla små lyktor. Fina bilder både från huset och stadsturen.
    Trevlig helg och kramar

  2. Your home is lovely - the bedroom is made up so nicely, it looks comforting. The dragonfly in meta; is amazing in both subject and shadow. The details outside your home are great, even the steps have a neat angular style. Your youngest is a beauty! At least you have occasional sunny days foe exceptional shadows!

  3. What a beautiful collection of shadows this week! Don't know which one is my fav-maybe the one with the lace...stay warm!

  4. Wonderful, fun shadow shots for the day and what a lovely home you have! I love the lace curtains and the strawberries! Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!

  5. Fina bilder och vilket vackert sovrum. Ja den svenska sommaren är som den är men vi får hoppas på lite sol till slut. Ha en fin kväll.


  6. Your weather looks so much like our Winter weather! The seasons are crazy this year! Beautiful collection of photos! Fascinating! Especially love the shadow patterns from the curtain design!

  7. Love that fourth shot systah!

  8. are wet and we are too the variety...Michelle

  9. Whatever the weather you seem to be active lady :)
    It's been cold and rainy here too - two weeks in Spain was a good summer trip for us. Now we can manage Scandinavian summer, sigh.
    Have a good week ahead!


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