Ridiculous B4 and After At D´Box

At last! The project is 95% done...

Another time to say "D´Box". To you my new readers/visitors, to tell you the truth, our house is so, petité and that's the reason, we called this house D´Box. Living in a box is not really a problem. "Compact living" is more practical. in a way, D´Box, has 3 small bedrooms, a lil kitchen, family room/dinning room. The laundry is in the cellar, together with a Spa corner, 4 small store rooms for groceries, shoe room, linen room and for jackets and pants. Oh yeah! a little house with 3 toilets and 2 bathrooms. Does it sounds petité to you?

Anyways, these lil house got a potential. Charming and cozy are the most appreciations we heard from our families and friends. So, making the house, to feel more we? We started to create small renovations. The first project was to laid stones in the entrance or the driveway, painted white and changed wallpaper. From the second floor and first floor.

Then, started this veranda. When living in a cold country, we need more place/room. So, not knowing what I planned, I told MOTH to start planning. Without any complaints, he started to dismantle every bit of the old woods and all single nails hammered. Ha ha... I never thought that doing this is almost crazy to think.

But, in MOTH's patience, all the swear things, small steps, bit by bit. Now, everything is in place.
Closet is still missing. and the pine tree soon, gone. Well done...MOTH? 


The B4...
 Left is the stair and right is the open porch with roof...
Unfortunately, I can't find a better photos...
 In this photo, the door was moved where we planned...
 GH & friend started to dismantle the floorings...
 Then the platform of the entrance veranda...
After putting all the needs for flooring, time to mix the concrete
Time to pour the concrete while GH was concreting the level
 More leveling... can you see the heating coils? I never think this will be the procedure
 After 2 days of waiting to dry the concrete, they put  a plastic thing for leveling and isolating
A real handyman... the floorings was on it's place 
Do you think GH done a great job? 
 A little entree or a foyér...is soon finished. Nice floorings
 The planned was that --between that wall, a closet will be up, soon
Just showing the other side...
The radiator for floor heater- isn't it pretty and clean?

The new stairs and the open porch

Isn't it more airy rather than with the old gigantus stairs? I am so happy and contented now and let see what will be the next project...

Hope he can seat and relax now till my next plan starts. HUH??? LoL* Guess what? I planned to change the wallpaper in the cellar, then I need a crafty corner too. I am not sure how this plan work, but that's another story to tell. Ssssshhh... don't say out loud, MOTH might hear us?

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  1. Det ser fint ut och jag är säker på att du har jättemysigt i ert hus. Alltid bra med en händig man. Du får ha en fin dag.


  2. Hay chica bonita! I love how the stair turned out, just perfect! The foyer is great and you did a terrific job decorating it. The white piece of furniture for hiding the radiator is pretty and clever! Your Moth is a genious, he's got to get a terrific reward from dear wife!! Everything is coming out great and I can't believe you have so much rooming in a small house! Have a blessed week lovely Chie.


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